Summary winner for October 2014 – USS Phoenix

As the USS Phoenix falls apart around the crew from the Gorn attack Captain Merlin and Counselor T’sai transport 30 or so refugees on a now stolen Gorn freighter and head to Starbase 35 with Chief of Science Saint-Clair in close proximity in her fighter keeping a close watch on the situation; thwarting any and all enemy aggressors.

A notification had been sent to Starbase 35 that the USS Phoenix was heading for base in bad shape for repairs and to deliver the refugees to a new life along with asylum if they so wish.

The Starbase had responded to the Phoenix as it continued to fall apart that they were making preparations to receive them. Within a couple of days to everyone’s surprise The USS Piedmont, a floating dry-dock arrived on site and within hours a un-named ship had arrived with Commodore Windsor and minimal crew on board to deliver what is to become the USS Phoenix-B once again.

The Captain beamed over to the Phoenix and Ensign Johnson transported to the Freighter to take over piloting duties.

It was not long till the Old Phoenix and the Freighter collided knocking yet another nacelle off of her superstructure making her virtually dead in space. On the freighter Johnson was knocked unconscious in the collision.

Soon after the collision Master Sergeant Mitchell boarded the now off course freighter with the cockpit filling with smoke. After some work, he was able to get the situation under control and they continued their voyage to the Starbase.

Teams continued to work to the The USS Phoenix when the word was given to abandon her and transported over to the new USS Phoenix-B where they would find a brand new ship with some very unique modifications and improvements. All of which were engineering marvels in their own sense.

Retired Captain Williams was taking time to show Chief Engineer Darnell some of these modifications and informing her that not all of them had been completed before they departed to rescue the crew.

Meanwhile Admiral Esrom was meeting with the Captain, turning over the ship to him and transferring control codes over.

The Piedmont went to work unfolding its docking arms and latching on to the Old Phoenix.

As the last of the crew beamed over to the new ship, Saint-Clair was the last to exit the ship. Upon her exit she took time to pull the commissioning plaque and present it to the Captain as he sat on the bridge.

The temporary crew continued to pilot the ship when the Executive Officer came in and requested leave for a unstated personnel reason. The leave was granted.

The Piedmont parked away from the Starbase upon arrival and waited for further orders as the rest of the rag tag convoy finally docked. Crews went to work to help the refugees and to finish all the new modifications to the New Phoenix.

What will be the Phoenix’s next mission?
What are the other modifications to be done to her?

Come Join the USS Phoenix as she gets re-commissioned and continues her galaxy wide adventure.

May 2014 Community Awards

(Belated) Congratulations to the following winners of the May 2014 Community Awards!

Sim of the Month (for June 2014): USS Phoenix
Community Award: USS Firewall
Fleet Activity Award: Delta Fleet
Summary Award (for April 2014): Star Trek: Eternity

Excerpt from the Summary:

Discussions are undertaken concerning the approach to the Dyson sphere, versus the ship’s capacity and the risk. LtCdr. Moore arrives on the bridge, her appearance shocking to some. Cdr. Byrne asserts his own presence,a move which prompts speculation, and the potential for ire from his superiors.

Cdr. Byrne’s apparent usurpation of the command chain incites reaction from the captain, and prompts a medical/psych inquiry from the CSEC. Led from the bridge by Cdr. Vreenak, Byrne seizes the opportunity to draw the XO into his plan, with a result beyond surprising. Hope, adjoined to the carrier Rim, goes to warp, leaving LtCdr’s Moore and Hocevar to replenish their dilithium by less than satisfactory means. Lt. Scott mans the TAC, as King Calmest plots within the silence of his mind. In Sickbay, Dr. Reese undergoes a common exam whose nature seems invasive to her heightened sensitivities.

Hope, along with her escorting fleet, journeys toward the Concord System. She drops out of warp to find lifeless planets, and there, at the heart, the Dyson Sphere of the Voth. Barlow, Logan, Vreenak, and Scott all prepare themselves for events yet to come. Ens. Farooqi encounters a Talaxian merchant who piques his curiosity concerning the veracity of the Zahara holomatrix and it’s longterm effects. Cns. James attempts rest in between patients. LtCdr. Moore heads toward her shared quarters, encumbered with worries that likely will interfere with her own need for rest.

A chance encounter in the turbolift sparks both Vreenak and Logan to reappraise one another. On the bridge, Capt. Barlow orders a hail of the Dyson sphere. The cryptic, static laden reply sets their course. Cdr. Vreenak selects his away team. Lt. Scott, having anticipated an away mission order, makes his personnel choices. Cdr. Byrne meets with LtCdr. Hocevar to ascertain her progress, then heads into Sickbay, intent upon putting the next phase of his preparations into action.

March 2014 Community Awards

Congratulations to the following winners of the March 2014 Community Awards!

Sim of the Month (for April 2014): USS Atlantis
Community Award: USS Firewall
Fleet Activity Award: Delta Fleet
Summary Award (for February 2014): USS Phoenix

Excerpt from the Summary:

The USS Phoenix is in a perilous situation. . . Again.

Just after establishing orbit around a Class G Planet for investigation as to its viablity for terraforming, it was reported the long range sensors were picking up incoming ships yet to be identified. In short order, all chaos broke loose on the ship.

The main computer core and auxiliary core started not responding to commands as entered. Communications started to fail along with engines and almost every other critical system on the ship. The ships orbit started to decay because of the planets gravitational pull, now with the ship in a bow down attitude.

Just before the Blue Screen of death was displayed on the main viewer, it was noted that the world was getting bigger in the window.

As the approaching ships got closer, they were identified as Gorn before the long range and short range sensor systems went down.

As the mayhem ensued a rapid transport arrived depositing a new crew member on the ship. A new security officer. Being the Phoenix was short a chief medical officer, the ship’s counselor took on the duties of administering the inbound physical and evaluation only to be interrupted by intruder alerts.

Now with no gravity and things floating about, the captain took it in stride and started issuing orders to all the departments as he hung around the center seat, literally. All of a sudden a new chief medical officer appeared on the ship and at the Captain’s chair.

After introductions, the Chief Science Officer and Helmsman went to work on on fixing the computer cores as the Captain suited up and headed out into the ship to assist with eradicating it of their unwanted visitors.

Will the Crew of the USS Phoenix survive the onslaught of Gorn? What are the Gorn after? Or will the Phoenix kill her crew and visitors?

Alpha Fleet News – February 2014

Alpha News – February 2014

With the awards approaching on the 28th of the month the fleet has been busy getting it’s self ready
for the show.

Please go to Fleet Awards and put forward your nominating votes.

Alpha fleet lost the USS Aquinas but gained Startrek: Andromeda. We welcome FSF Blackjack, FSF Margo and their crew to Alpha Fleet.

Alpha Fleet has one simulation up for SOTM for March – USS Phoenix, congratulations on making the ballet.