Summary winner for September 2014 – Star Fleet: Eternity

After attempting to halt the progress of the Kazon, Anam is overtaken by them, before the door to the ready room is cut. Within, Amelia Moore suffers contractions of childbirth, hoping that a security field shall stop the invaders. On the surface, Logan discusses the capabilities of generation 7 nanoprobes, exposing concepts that give the visibly impaired Talla Vrenak and the unaffected Marisol Hocevar cause for more questions. In the scout vessel Ja’Narr, Colin Byrne, having devolved and freed himself of the borg skeletal structure, ponders his surroundings, and his last living companion.

Ens. Farooqi makes a final attempt to protect LtCdr. Moore from the invading Kazon, until Gwren, the Voth, shows his true colors and orders her taken to his lab at once. Several teams of Kazon are dispersed to hunt down and capture Hope’s human crew. Their orders regarding the Hirogen are simply “Kill on sight.” On the surface, Cdr. Vreenak is overcome with hallucinations. Cdr. Logan attempts to persuade him that he is, in fact, dying, a prognosis challenged by LtCdr. Hocevar as she attempts to set up a blood test in the field. Somewhere in the vicinity is Lt. Scott, physically devolved, yet possessed of a keen, unfettered intellect to match his predatory stance. He prepares a weapon, and closes in stealthily.

Aboard Hope, Janelle James uses powers of another era to target the Kazon. Ens. Nazir gets a distress call out, before she’s eventually overtaken by the invaders and sent to the ready room to support LtCdr. Moore’s childbirth. Ens. Farooqi now stares at the lethal end of a weapon held by the Voth, Gwren, as he injects a cruel cocktail into Lt. Ambrose. Capt. Rick Barlow has a tense meeting with Jetan Remsen, with a curious result. On the surface, battle met as the devolved Owen Scott attacks the away team. Logan overpowers and “assimilates” him, a process both spiritual and evolutionary for the revived Lt. A hasty transfusion of LtCdr Hocevar’s blood to the dying Talla Vreenak may well prove lethal for Marisol. Revived, Vreenak concurs with Logan’s plan to beam aboard Hope with Lt. Scott, a plan undertaken with force. Aboard the Scout Vessel Janarr, Colin Byrne awakens to find himself restored, yet haunted by a dream as he enlists the aid of an old friend.

A devolved Brett Reese hunts for food, before forcing herself into the crew mess. In a final, heroic effort, Lt. Harold Ambrose attacks Gwren, to find himself dying from a severe knife wound to the back. Jal Korta and his men continue a path of murder through the ship, now indiscriminately targetting Hope’s human population. Janelle James is their next target. Transporter trickery collects Logan, Scott, Farooqi, Moore, Nazir, Vreenak, and Hocevar in the SEC office, with an added bonus of the Voth leader, Gwren. Logan conducts a harsh interrogation as Amelia Moore cries out in pain of her labor. As Marisol Hocevar lays dying of blood loss and fever, an unlikely army rallies to her support with an unorthodox tactic.