Summary Winner January 2015 – Mass Effect: Paradise Lost

The Asari team digs into the stations computer system, attempting to send a message. “We’ve found more than we expected, we’ll need a bigger ship!” that’s the good news. The encrypted transmission also contains the bad news, “The station is crawling with Cerberus troops” so much for being abandoned. The team manages to bring the internal sensors online to track the Cerberus troops, and discover that there are only about 20 on board… and 6 of them are heading right towards the other half of their team.

Down in the lower levels of the station, the Krogan / Human team had just stumbled into a room full of crates, some of which contained combat mechs. Something that might have helped the previous occupants retain possession of their station, had they been activated. Their search was cut short however as a sniper who’d been hidden in the rafters opened fire. The team dove for cover, and had just started the process of flushing him from his perch when the message came in that 6 more enemy troops we’re headed right for them. That left them very limited time to deal with this new threat. The problem with scoped weapons is that it narrows your field of view, thus leaving the Krogan, Urdnot Chatok a chance to get onto the catwalk. Going into a full charge, the 800 pound Krogan slammed into the Sniper, sending him sprawling down to the floor below, where Patrick was able to easily finish him off. All that was left was to prepare for the incoming enemy team…

Back home, the rest of the team works diligently to bring the new power core online. Working together, they managed to dampen ambient vibrations that the core was causing, discover that the station wouldn’t be able to handle the core at full power, and figured out where to throttle it at, and finally start to power it up. 5%… 10… 15… 20… so far so good.

Congratulation to the November 2014 Community winners

Congratulations to the winners for November 2014 Community awards.

Sim of the Month: Star Trek: Eternity – SFOL
Community Activity Award: Shattered Universe – Delta Fleet
Fleet Activity Award: Delta Fleet
Summary Award (From October 2014) Star Trek: Eternity

Excerpt from the summary:
The eve of battle finds crisis for new parents Amelia Moore and Rick Barlow. Romance blooms between Crewman Rostham and Dr. Brett Reese, as Cdr. Vreenak and LtCdr Hocevar realize their own needs stifled by duty and urgency. Others, such as Lt. Scott, prepare final messages in vain hope of their eventual receipt.Fleets collide before the timeless backdrop of space. Like chessmen, they move, gambit, risk, and feint all integral parts of the strategies employed. As the principal piece, Eternity herself, is moved onto the board, the “go” order is given for the away team.

To read full summary: Star Trek: Eternity

Congratulations to the October 2014 Community winners

Congratulations to the winners for October 2014 Community awards.

Sim of the Month: USS Akira
Community Award: Star Trek: Eternity
Fleet Activity Award: Space Fleet Online
Summary Award (From September 2014) Star Trek: Eternity

Excerpt from the summary:
After attempting to halt the progress of the Kazon, Anam is overtaken by them, before the door to the ready room is cut. Within, Amelia Moore suffers contractions of childbirth, hoping that a security field shall stop the invaders. On the surface, Logan discusses the capabilities of generation 7 nanoprobes, exposing concepts that give the visibly impaired Talla Vrenak and the unaffected Marisol Hocevar cause for more questions. In the scout vessel Ja’Narr, Colin Byrne, having devolved and freed himself of the borg skeletal structure, ponders his surroundings, and his last living companion.

To read full summary: Star Trek: Eternity

April 2014 Community Awards

Congratulations to the following winners of the April 2014 Community Awards!

Sim of the Month (for May 2014): Star Trek: Andromeda
Community Award: Mass Effect: Paradise Lost
Fleet Activity Award: Delta Fleet
Summary Award (for March 2014): Star Trek: Eternity

Excerpt from the Summary:

As Hope nears launch, Ens. Farooqi finds time for a meal in the mess. Cdr. Vreenak and Lt. Ambrose consider the Chronitin bridge, as both make preparations for liftoff. Cdr. Byrne has an uneasy conversation with Dr. Reese, who finds some relief in a medical call from Lt. Halvorsson in the Armory. Lt. Scott arrives on the bridge just before launch, as does Capt. Barlow, who gives the order. Lt. Hocevar ponders a favor to ask of Cdr. Vreenak as she oversees Engineering’s support of the ship. Hope lifts off, smoothly breaking orbit, before docking firmly to the side of the carrier “Rim.” Now, as both ships move as one at impulse speed, the repairs can begin in earnest.

Hope, having safely departed the planet under the hand of Ens. Farooqi, now rests, docked alongside the carrier Rim, leader of the patchwork Hirogen fleet. Engineering matters rise to the forefront with the removal of the damaged strut and footpad for recasting. Once the job is done, Lt. Hocevar meets with Lt’s Scott and Halvorsson to discuss security’s needs. In the void, Gabriel “Matrix” Logan practices sword proficiency as he ponders the cost of his aspirations, versus the destruction in his brother’s wake. Lt. Scott considers his station in life versus those of his parents. With counsel by the unseen King Calmest, he successfully marshals his department. Lt. Ambrose finds irritation with Lt. Hocevar, and engineers in general, as he manages Ops. Cdr. Vreenak maintains his position on the bridge, as his mind puts itself toward the detailed review ahead. Captain Barlow holds the command chair, experiencing tiredness, yet driven by an unrelenting need to reclaim Eternity, one way, or another.

March 2014 Community Awards

Congratulations to the following winners of the March 2014 Community Awards!

Sim of the Month (for April 2014): USS Atlantis
Community Award: USS Firewall
Fleet Activity Award: Delta Fleet
Summary Award (for February 2014): USS Phoenix

Excerpt from the Summary:

The USS Phoenix is in a perilous situation. . . Again.

Just after establishing orbit around a Class G Planet for investigation as to its viablity for terraforming, it was reported the long range sensors were picking up incoming ships yet to be identified. In short order, all chaos broke loose on the ship.

The main computer core and auxiliary core started not responding to commands as entered. Communications started to fail along with engines and almost every other critical system on the ship. The ships orbit started to decay because of the planets gravitational pull, now with the ship in a bow down attitude.

Just before the Blue Screen of death was displayed on the main viewer, it was noted that the world was getting bigger in the window.

As the approaching ships got closer, they were identified as Gorn before the long range and short range sensor systems went down.

As the mayhem ensued a rapid transport arrived depositing a new crew member on the ship. A new security officer. Being the Phoenix was short a chief medical officer, the ship’s counselor took on the duties of administering the inbound physical and evaluation only to be interrupted by intruder alerts.

Now with no gravity and things floating about, the captain took it in stride and started issuing orders to all the departments as he hung around the center seat, literally. All of a sudden a new chief medical officer appeared on the ship and at the Captain’s chair.

After introductions, the Chief Science Officer and Helmsman went to work on on fixing the computer cores as the Captain suited up and headed out into the ship to assist with eradicating it of their unwanted visitors.

Will the Crew of the USS Phoenix survive the onslaught of Gorn? What are the Gorn after? Or will the Phoenix kill her crew and visitors?

February 2014 Community Awards

Congratulations to the following winners of the February 2014 Community Awards, our first monthly awards of the year!

Sim of the Month (for March 2014): Torchwood: United Front
Community Award: USS Ghost Rider
Fleet Activity Award: Delta Fleet
Summary Award (for January 2014): Star Trek Eternity

Excerpt from the Summary:

Escorted by Thelon DeKinder, Amelia Moore exits the Elven kingdom of Fi. Once her crashed shuttle, still cloaked in the guise of a dead wyvern, is discovered, the pair settle in for the night with a fire and game to roast. The fire’s light draws in Cdr. Vreenak and his away team, who find themselves challenged by DeKinder. Conversation begins, and peace is the mutual objective. Aboard Hope, Cdr. Byrne has a counseling session with Janelle James. Upon returning to the bridge, they find the ship ringed by a massive army. Their king, Calmest, issues a greeting and a wish for peaceable interaction. Byrne and James follow Capt. Barlow onto the field to meet with the king and his men.

Negotiations are begun on two fronts. Before Hope’s fierce countenance, King Calmest presents a serene image to Capt. Rick Barlow, as Janelle James and Colin Byrne look on. In the depth of the wood, Anam Farooqi, Gabriel Logan, Talla Vreenak, and Marisol Hocevar join with Thelon DeKinder and Amelia Moore. In the fire’s glow, the conversation quickly moves to the next phase of their journey, crossing the Blighted grounds to locate the mysterious Source.

On the plain, Calmest asserts his power, agreeing to meet with the Dragon in the company of Cns. James. Capt. Barlow is to remain behind, hostage, to assure the king’s safe return. A nervous archer sets off a domino effect, sending the Reptilian Colin fleeing for his life. He travels a great distance to evade the army’s pursuit, before hunkering down for the night. In the wood, the meting by the fire takes a new sense, as the away team’s guide, a dwarf known as “Hammer,” rudely presents himself.

January 2014 Community Winners

Congratulations to the following winners of the January 2014 Community Awards, our first monthly awards of the year!

Sim of the Month (for February 2014): Mass Effect: Paradise Lost
Community Award: USS Ghost Rider
Fleet Activity Award: Delta Fleet
Summary Award (for December 2013): USS Cadecus

Excerpt from the Summary:

The Federation is at war and the USS Cadecus:M*A*S*H has been deployed to the site of a fierce battle between the Federation allies and the Breen and Cardassians. Having been ordered to remain outside the battle and give aid to the wounded, Captain Dreia Frej-Gonzalez has positioned the Cadecus and has sent the elite ParaRescue teams into the hot zone to recover life pods and survivors amid the debris of what were once proud ships from both sides of the engagement. Pvts Wade and Wells have been navigating the battlefield amid phaser fire, explosions and the detrius of war to locate and rescue any life signs they find on their Marine drop ship’s scanner, with the help of MSGT Jamie Stathem coordinating their efforts from the Cadecus’ Marine flight deck’s wider range scanners for areas to survey for survivors. Those being transferred to the Cadecus’ many medical bays for treatment via the main triage bay. Dr Clarice Gibbons has her hands full in the trauma wards as it quickly fills with those wounded in explosions on the various ships they came from. Despite the excellent medical care, not all patients will survive. A Fact That Gibbons soon learns as the patient she is treating fades before her treatment can have an affect.

November 2013 Game Summary Award

Congratulations to the USS Ghost Rider for winning the November 2013 Game Summary Award. What exciting things happened on that game during November? Read below:

Amidst the quiet on the Ghost Rider, tension still remains constant. Things in space have calmed down, but the battle still rages on the surface. But are things as safe in space as it seems? The ships A.I. works tirelessly trying to identify something at the extreme edge of sensor range… it was too big to be a ship… but the sensor resolution, or lack thereof, wasn’t allowing her to see what it was… Inspiration… what if it wasn’t a single object, but multiple objects flying close together… she compared parts of the edges to known Terran ship profiles, and quickly began to spot identifiable areas. It was an Armada… soon a second group appeared… then another… The counter-attack was coming…

On the surface below them, the Search and Rescue team has met up with the down flyboy, and is working their way towards the LZ. After a few close run ins with the enemy, they finally arrive, but find that the Terrans have already found where they were headed. Fortunately, the 452d was still in the area. General Abaddon called in an airstrike and soon after, the LZ was clear. They got on board the Hopper and headed back to the HQ.

On the Terran Station, the Marines cornered a group of Terrans that had managed to get out of the safety of the hardened center area. The Marines set an ambush for them, and soon after forced them into a deadly crossfire. However the Terrans seemed to get the last laugh, as the team had apparently been planting explosives. The device detonated, destroying a plasma line, and starting plasma fires all around the area. The Marine Executive Officer was down beyond the blaze, and Hopkins knew he had no way to get to him… his irrational mind demanded he try to save his XO, but his rational mind, and his team won out, and they moved out of the area, vowing to return.

Interview: FSF Ward

One of the newest individuals hired as a host in the Federation Sim Fleet is FSF Ward. FSF Josh had the pleasure of interviewing the latest addition to the hosting staff.

Q: What first attracted you to simming?

A: Honestly I found simming while looking for a new MUD (Multi-user dungeon) to play. I actually didn’t stumble upon the FSF first I came across some small group that I can’t even remember the name of. They had been a mud but had moved on to more freedom in their roleplaying.

Q: Why did you become a host?

A: I’ve always loved simming and the FSF has been my home for the last few years. I’ve come back time and time again because I love the people here and I wanted to give back for everything they have given me.

Q: Who has been your role model as you’ve worked towards becoming a host?

A: There isn’t just one person I could list here, but the person who sticks out the most is probably FSF Bri… now let’s take a moment because you all have strange looks on your face after reading that… alright now we move on… As some people know I play Lt. Commander Michael Ward on the USS Akira as her CENG. Well going back over a year ago now the USS Akira was hurt bad due to inactivity and other issues which plagued the crew. Bri, along with the wonderful players who now staff Akira, brought her back from sure deletion from the FSF. While the crew played a major role in Akira coming back it took dedication from Bri to bring her back and I look up to him for that… But if Bri sees this I will defiantly catch some flak for it because that’s what he enjoys doing.

Q: How did you first encounter the FSF?

A: I stumbled upon the FSF after about a couple months in the other fleet. I was searching the web about more on simming and never expected to find a home, but I sure did here in the FSF.

Q: What is your favorite sci-fi series? Character?

A: Now here is a question… I play Star Trek Roleplaying games on AIM three times a week… I do love some Trek. And not just one kind of Trek, I love it all. Would have to say it’s a tie between Sisko and Picard. I like both of them and you can’t make me choose between the two favorites it shall be.

Q: If you could live in any place or time, what would you choose and why?

A: I would say I wouldn’t want to live in any time but right now. Not because of what’s going on in the world but because of the people I’ve met. While the world in general is evil it is filled with good people who have seen me through a lot. Some of those people are in this group and when you read this you will know exactly who you are. So I wouldn’t want to live in any other time.

I don’t really have anything else to say besides just thank you to everyone who works so hard every day in making the FSF the great place it is, and thanks to FSF Josh for giving me this opportunity. See you all around and good simming.