Congratulations to the September 2014 Community Awards

Congratulations to the winners for September 2014 Community awards.

Sim of the Month (for September 2014): Stargate: SG-10
Community Award: Star Trek: Eternity
Fleet Activity Award: Delta Fleet
Summary Award (For August 2014) Starbase 35

Excerpt from the summary:
Starbase 35 is anything but your typical startbase. This is where those that have been deemed to difficult have been sent. In the more recent past, things are not what they seem to be at all on the station. George Williams, the irascible barkeep, has yet another secret. It would seem that he is Commander JoAnne Ross’ father. In some strange way that has yet to become clear, he is there to over see what happens to Ross and Merlin and the rest of the souls on the station. . .

To read full summary: Starbase 35

Alpha Beat – Alpha Fleet News

Alpha fleet news

Welcome to Alpha Beat the fleet news for all of Alpha fleet .

Congratulations to the USS Phoenix for winning Sim of the month for May 2014

FSF Merlin and the crew of the Phoenix have been putting together a fantastic radio show this month

FSF Radio airs on Saturday the 14th of June at 9 pm (21:00) EST on the #FSF Channel of FSF IRC Network the address is

This show will be a live show hosted by the host with the most incredible southern accent FSF Sail DJ Salvator !!!!

FSF Ignatius has asked me to remind you all about a few things on going in the simming world we all share.

First is the simming prize
it is award to sim groups and individuals who stand out as well as sim.
Nominations for this prize will be open until the 27th of June 2014

I was also asked to remind you all to update your entry for your sims on the Role play Wiki
This is an important part of getting word out there for your sims it can also lead to large coverage at events Like SCI World a on going online interactive convention all can take part in each year

FSF Margo and FSF Merlin continue to make improvements to Alpha fleet making us stronger with each passing day.

Fleet command asked me to remind you all they are friendly people and would love to hear your Ideas and thoughts on all aspects of Alpha Fleet

This month there has been some fantastic awards and medals handed out across FSF

Awards Receivers:
Good Conduct (Bronze) USS Fire Wall
Good Conduct (Gold) FSF Dragon USS Fire Wall
Good Conduct (Silver) Sonja USS Fire wall
Silver Host Service Star for 11 years Hosting FSF Josh
Silver Host Service Star for 9 yeas Hosting FSF EBK

Medals Receivers:
Good Conduct Medal (One Year) Cassandra Josephine Saint-Clair USS Phoenix
Good Conduct Medal (One Year) Sineade Darnell USS Phoenix
Medal for Command T’sai USS Phoenix
Good Conduct Medal (One Year) Claudia Johnson USS Phoenix
Good Conduct Medal (One Year) Sitelk USS Phoenix

Alpha Fleet News – May 2014

Alpha fleet is in full swing once more .

She dusted off her Nacelles and bought home a shiny new award.

Congratulations to Andromeda on Winning Sim of the month for April 2014.

Posting numbers are growing each month on the forums.

FCO Margo and FXO Merlin wish to say continue the fantastic work.

The USS Phoenix is up for sim of the month this month let us try to bring back to back awards home to Alpha Fleet by supporting the sim and her crew.

In other Aplha Fleet news.

Starfleet Delta is growing stronger and stronger still looking for crew please contact FSF Duke and FSF Wassga for more information.

Charmed coven of the moon has changed its name to Fellowship of the moon and is now a message board Sim also looking for crew please see FSF Bailey and FSF Myth for more information

Alpha Fleet News – January 2014

Happy New Years to Alpha Fleet and welcome to 2014!

In December Alpha fleet has seen a historical change with long standing FCO FSF Esrom stepping away from Alpha Fleet. In January the reigns will be handed over to the New FCO FSF Margo Former XO of Space Fleet.

The staff of Alpha Fleet wishes to welcome her in and offer her a helping hand with any and all changes in the future. We would also like to thank our Departing FCO for her many years of fantastic service with Alpha fleet. You will be missed

Alpha Fleet sim news:
Starbase 35 launches a brand new website. Have a look at Starbase 35.

Starbase 35 grows stronger day by day with it’s 3 host team pairing of FSF Myth, FSF Merlin and FSF Bastetovski.

This trio keep the plot ideas fresh and exciting for their crew. FSF Myth was asked to sum up SB35 in her own words and it was epic. You can see it in the monthly news letter.

The first of the month brings around yet another change for Alpha Fleet with the long awaited return of Star fleet: Delta!! Hosted by FSF Wasaga and FSF Duke, the sim re-launches on the first of Jan 2014.

The USS Phoenix is boldly going insane – where no crew has gone insane before.
The sim is hosted by FSF Merlin and FSF Bastetovksi. This duo keeps things interesting, fun and always has a trick up there sleeves. Currently Captain Merlin is driving his CNS nuts by trying to fly like a bird.

Charmed Coven of The Moon is going places where most sim’s don’t want to go. The sim is still looking for new members to join they keep things interesting and fun for all in the play.

Other changes we have for you in January, is the departure of the USS Aquinas. It sadness us to lose such a fine sim but they are merging with Delta Fleets USS Ghost Rider. We wish them all the best of luck in their future.

On a happier note we welcome the return of Startrek: Andromeda Hosted by FSF Margo and FSF Blackjack.