Congratulations to the September 2014 Community Awards

Congratulations to the winners for September 2014 Community awards.

Sim of the Month (for September 2014): Stargate: SG-10
Community Award: Star Trek: Eternity
Fleet Activity Award: Delta Fleet
Summary Award (For August 2014) Starbase 35

Excerpt from the summary:
Starbase 35 is anything but your typical startbase. This is where those that have been deemed to difficult have been sent. In the more recent past, things are not what they seem to be at all on the station. George Williams, the irascible barkeep, has yet another secret. It would seem that he is Commander JoAnne Ross’ father. In some strange way that has yet to become clear, he is there to over see what happens to Ross and Merlin and the rest of the souls on the station. . .

To read full summary: Starbase 35

July 2014 Community Awards

Congratulations to the following winners of the July 2014 Community Awards!

Sim of the Month (for August 2014): None
Community Award: Stargate: SG-10
Fleet Activity Award: Delta Fleet
Summary Award (for June 2014): USS Firewall

Excerpt from the Summary:

The screams died out as the crewman died. “What was that?” they wanted to know, but nobody had the answer. It was large, it was hairy, and it had a taste for man flesh. That much was clear, and that was also about all they knew. All the answers seemed to lie in the cargo bay, where the ship had 3 mysterious containers scheduled for delivery to an unknown party. Convinced all the answers they seek are in the cargo bay, the Colonel orders the team down there. Part of him believed he was ordering them to their deaths, but it was where they had to go. The ship on the other hand continued its game of cat and mouse… a game made more difficult by the fact that both ships had stealth tech.

June 2014 Community Awards

(Belated) Congratulations to the following winners of the June 2014 Community Awards!

Sim of the Month (for July 2014): Stargate Command
Community Award: Stargate: SG-10
Fleet Activity Award: Delta Fleet
Summary Award (for May 2014): Stargate: SG-10

Excerpt from the Summary:

The team from SG-10, along with a few other SGC teams, were sent to the Alpha site for some training on what would happen if the Alpha Site came under attack. When they arrived, they began setting up, and commenced the simulated attack. However, while the attack was occurring, a real Lucian Alliance attack commenced in the middle of it. This lead to massive casualties, including to Allyson Dutcher. However, Adrian was able to abscond with an Al’Kesh, and put Allyson into the sarcophagus located on the vessel. He also managed to pick up Maddie Chapman, who had been taken prisoner by the Lucian Alliance. However, all of this was for naught, as they were captured by the orbiting H’tak. The rest of the SG teams and the Alpha Site scientists evacuated back to Earth to regroup.

Once back on Earth, the SGC learned of the location of the Lucian Alliance planet, and sent a small scout team through, consisting of Hartman, Ochi, Williams, and a few members from SG-3. They managed to steal a small Tel’tak, and ascended from the planet, heading for the Ha’tak in orbit. Meanwhile, Adrian and Maddie were being questioned, and Adrian managed to break free. Dutcher was left in the sarcophagus, and unbeknownst to the Lucian Alliance, had been fully healed, and went out, searching for the armory, to break out her team mates.

At about the same time Adrian managed to break free, he locked down the Ha’tak, and the room he was in, and began messing with the systems of the large vessel. Maddie was still captured by the Lucian Alliance General, and he sent his people to try to recover Adrian. This was fruitless, and eventually, Maddie managed to free herself, and found Dutcher with a large amount of weapons, who was blasting her way to find the other two.

Hartman and crew managed to land on the vessel, and began a search for the 3 people as well. They systematically went through the vessel, and Ochi rigged the ship to blow. Eventually, Snarf came face to face with the General, and proceeded to shoot him, killing him, thus creating a major setback to the Lucian Alliance. The team made it off the vessel, and it exploded in orbit above the planet.

Upcoming Events: December/January

While it is the holiday season, don’t think that the FSF is lacking in special events. Here’s a taste of what is coming up.

On December 21st at 9PM ET, join FSF Margo and FSF Radio Live! ’tis the season for a holiday themed show, and FSF Radio Live will never disappoint. Join Margo and company on IRC tonight in the #FSF chat room.

December 24th will showcase a special FSF Radio presentation: “An FSF Carol”. This is being presented by the FSF Radio 2 team. You can enjoy this at 9PM ET. While it will be a special broadcast, you can always join in the chat room, as well.

If you’re into Minecraft, join FSF Falk and other friends of the FSF as we build, mine, and survive in the popular block world. The group will be meeting both December 28th and January 11th at 9PM ET. Contact FSF Falk for server information.

Once we’re into 2014, we kick off the new year right with another live radio event, FSF Radio-Good Riddance 2013. This live radio/chat event will be brought to you by FSF Margo and FSF Sail. They’ll begin this special event at 3PM ET on January 1st. Be sure to tune in!

And on January 4th, join Margo again for a regular showing of FSF Radio Live. Meanwhile, FSF Radio 2 will return on January 11th with their next installment, Epsilon Fleet Special, brought to you by FSF Radio 2 host FSF Sail.

What a way to kick off the new year! Join us for our special events and help us bring in 2014 with fun.

FSF Sims Among 14 Winners of the Tournament of Sims

Every year, the Tournament of Simulations competition chooses the best sims in various categories as the top of their genre. Over the past six weeks, a dozen judges reviewed nearly 50 games and simulations submitted for this year’s tournament. The winners have finally been announced, and the list includes several games from the Federation Sim Fleet.

In the Play-By-Post Games category, the forum sim Star Wars: Shadow Squadron came away with the Best Star Wars Sim award. The FSF dominated in the Chat Games category, taking home each of the awards offered. SG-10 took home the Best Stargate Sim award, USS Exeter grabbed the Best Star Trek Sim award, and Star Wars: Paragon was named Best Star Wars Sim in the Chat Games category.

Congratulations to each winning game, its hosts, and players! Ongoing Worlds has the entire list of winners of this year’s tournament.

New Sim: Star Wars: Shadow Squadron

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, a Galactic Empire tried to keep a tight hold on an entire galaxy. Wanting to be free from the tyrannical rule, a Rebellion rose up against this Empire, leading to a civil war. Only the bravest would stand against such a might as this Galactic Empire.

The Federation Sim Fleet’s newest sim, Star Wars: Shadow Squadron, puts you in the early days of this galactic civil war. Join Shadow Squadron, a special ops group of soldiers that excel at a variety of different theaters of operation. Flying various fighter craft, they are essential to the Rebellion that hopes to restore peace and democracy to the galaxy.

Star Wars: Shadow Squadron is in Space Fleet and is a forum-based simulation. If you’re interested in this new sim, check out their website or contact game hosts FSF Who or FSF Falk.

Changing of the Guard: Shuni Retires, Titan and Others Promoted

The end of July saw a transition of command that has brought little in the way of operational changes to the FSF but big change in the way of public leadership. Admiral Jonathan Shuni, who originally created the FSF and has been it’s commanding officer for 20 years, announced his retirement from the position. He will stay on in an administrative role, taking care of technical aspects of the FSF and the Simming.Net server.

FSF Titan, who has been the FSF’s Executive Officer, has been promoted to the Commanding Officer administrative position. FSF Falk has moved up from Chief of Operations to Titan’s former position, and FSF Who has been voted in as the new Chief of Operations.

While this bodes a somewhat fundamental shift in the FSF administrative members, day-to-day operations will not change. Already, FSF Titan had been taking care of administrative duties comparable with his new position, and FSF Falk had been gaining oversight experience of the directors which will assist him in his duties now overseeing Fleet Command and assisting as FSF Executive Officer.

Despite the changes to the names at the top of the command chain, Admiral Shuni will still remain in an administrative position. The FSF founder and 20 year long leader will remain in charge of the website and technical aspects of FSF operations. He will continue to have a say in the direction of the FSF and will work along with the rest of the administrative team, who will all collectively continue to take the lead in moving the FSF forward.

February Trivia Master

Step out of the darkness and into the light with this months FSF Trivia Master game.What is more wholesome than a boy who grew up on a farm, ran on his high school track team, played Intramural soccer in his college years, and then grew into a man and ran the Warrior Dash? But he never forgot his roots, never forgot those he admired. How many people in our group can say they met Buzz Aldrin and had their picture taken with him? This month’s Trivia Master can claim all these things and more. FSF Falk is ready to take on the mob. Do you have what it takes to help the mob defeat him? Join us in the FSF IRC room, #FSF on February 22 at 9 pm Eastern time and find out!