USS Independence Celebrates 10 Years

The USS Independence (originally formed as the USS Cartier) will be celebrating 10 years in the FSF at the end of June, so they’re throwing a little party with a special 2 hour sim on Sunday, June 28th from 8:00 – 10:00PM EST. The first hour will feature stories and a little trivia, and the second hour will feature a climactic end to Indy’s current plot. Former Indy crew members are encouraged to attend, but all are welcome!

Congratulations to the September 2014 Community Awards

Congratulations to the winners for September 2014 Community awards.

Sim of the Month (for September 2014): Stargate: SG-10
Community Award: Star Trek: Eternity
Fleet Activity Award: Delta Fleet
Summary Award (For August 2014) Starbase 35

Excerpt from the summary:
Starbase 35 is anything but your typical startbase. This is where those that have been deemed to difficult have been sent. In the more recent past, things are not what they seem to be at all on the station. George Williams, the irascible barkeep, has yet another secret. It would seem that he is Commander JoAnne Ross’ father. In some strange way that has yet to become clear, he is there to over see what happens to Ross and Merlin and the rest of the souls on the station. . .

To read full summary: Starbase 35

March 2014 Community Awards

Congratulations to the following winners of the March 2014 Community Awards!

Sim of the Month (for April 2014): USS Atlantis
Community Award: USS Firewall
Fleet Activity Award: Delta Fleet
Summary Award (for February 2014): USS Phoenix

Excerpt from the Summary:

The USS Phoenix is in a perilous situation. . . Again.

Just after establishing orbit around a Class G Planet for investigation as to its viablity for terraforming, it was reported the long range sensors were picking up incoming ships yet to be identified. In short order, all chaos broke loose on the ship.

The main computer core and auxiliary core started not responding to commands as entered. Communications started to fail along with engines and almost every other critical system on the ship. The ships orbit started to decay because of the planets gravitational pull, now with the ship in a bow down attitude.

Just before the Blue Screen of death was displayed on the main viewer, it was noted that the world was getting bigger in the window.

As the approaching ships got closer, they were identified as Gorn before the long range and short range sensor systems went down.

As the mayhem ensued a rapid transport arrived depositing a new crew member on the ship. A new security officer. Being the Phoenix was short a chief medical officer, the ship’s counselor took on the duties of administering the inbound physical and evaluation only to be interrupted by intruder alerts.

Now with no gravity and things floating about, the captain took it in stride and started issuing orders to all the departments as he hung around the center seat, literally. All of a sudden a new chief medical officer appeared on the ship and at the Captain’s chair.

After introductions, the Chief Science Officer and Helmsman went to work on on fixing the computer cores as the Captain suited up and headed out into the ship to assist with eradicating it of their unwanted visitors.

Will the Crew of the USS Phoenix survive the onslaught of Gorn? What are the Gorn after? Or will the Phoenix kill her crew and visitors?

Alpha selects USS Phoenix – Summary Nomination January 2014

The USS Phoenix has been en-route for the outskirts of the quadrant to finally start looking at celestial bodies for tara-forming. While on their journey the recovering helm operator, Ensign Claudia Johnson has returned to duty.

Upon her return Captain Merlin had a pleasant discussion with her and restored her to her full rank and operational status, telling her a story of a previous Captain and his helping hand that had put Merlin where he is today. Although Johnson continued to balk at accepting it she finally realized that it was done and there was nothing else to be said.

Elsewhere on the ship, there were still a few bugs cropping up coming out of Trans Warp and this time Murphy rose its ugly head in Stellar Cartography blowing a power relay and causing a small fire. Chief Engineer, Sineade Darnell, had been dispatched to the fire location to assist in its containment and restoration of power.

To throw a monkey wrench into things the Phoenix took on a new Security Officer, however this new officer, Ensign Kevin “Keen Eye” Marlowe, was highly altered with cybernetics and to make things worse he was babbling about something called DS9 and Dominion war. Which apparently is somewhere in the future, like 50 years in the future.

These oddities have the Chief Science officer, Lieutenant Cassandra Josephine Saint-Clair puzzled to say the least as well as the Ships Counselor, Lieutenant T’sai. At present T’sai is trying to have a discussion with Marlowe to see if he is mentally sound.

Sait-Clair has reported that the cybernetics should work to our advantage and is physically capable of performing the duties required of a Security officer.

Captain Merlin is in the Ready Room apparently entertaining himself with child like actions as well as tearing down his favorite weapon, performing a clean and oil routine while he awaits a call form his Executive Officer, Commander Sitelk to review plans for the upcoming investigation of the class G planet that they have arrived at.

Where did this Marlowe come from in reality?
Is this Marlowe caught up in his own delusion caused form the cybernetics?
What will the forthcoming away mission discover? A barren ready to tera-form body?

Come join the USS Phoenix and her unusual crew for an adventure into the unknown.