Congratulation to the December 2014 Community winners

Congratulations to the winners for December 2014 Community awards.

Sim of the Month: USS Odyssey – Alpha Fleet
Community Activity Award: USS Odyssey – Alpha Fleet
Fleet Activity Award: Delta Fleet

Summary Award (From November 2014) Star Trek: Eternity – SFOL

Excerpt from the summary:
Aboard Hope, Capt. Rick Barlow is felled by Gerrick, the Red King, whose schemes approach fruition as the crew are transferred to the Crimson Knife. A captive Janelle James attempts a psychic distress call to Amelia Moore, who is fighting for her own life aboard Eternity. The Away team are in the neural hub, engaged in vicious conflict with an army of automated tentacles and pikes. LtCdr. Hocevar is struck in the head, her body sent tumbling by a tentacle seemingly under the command of former captain James Maxwell, now an assimilated husk in the command chair. Buried deep within the unimatrices of the Borg consciousness, Colin Byrne, Jim Maxwell, and the Borg King Sion make strategic moves to set the end game in motion.

To read full summary: Star Trek: Eternity

Summary winner for October 2014 – USS Phoenix

As the USS Phoenix falls apart around the crew from the Gorn attack Captain Merlin and Counselor T’sai transport 30 or so refugees on a now stolen Gorn freighter and head to Starbase 35 with Chief of Science Saint-Clair in close proximity in her fighter keeping a close watch on the situation; thwarting any and all enemy aggressors.

A notification had been sent to Starbase 35 that the USS Phoenix was heading for base in bad shape for repairs and to deliver the refugees to a new life along with asylum if they so wish.

The Starbase had responded to the Phoenix as it continued to fall apart that they were making preparations to receive them. Within a couple of days to everyone’s surprise The USS Piedmont, a floating dry-dock arrived on site and within hours a un-named ship had arrived with Commodore Windsor and minimal crew on board to deliver what is to become the USS Phoenix-B once again.

The Captain beamed over to the Phoenix and Ensign Johnson transported to the Freighter to take over piloting duties.

It was not long till the Old Phoenix and the Freighter collided knocking yet another nacelle off of her superstructure making her virtually dead in space. On the freighter Johnson was knocked unconscious in the collision.

Soon after the collision Master Sergeant Mitchell boarded the now off course freighter with the cockpit filling with smoke. After some work, he was able to get the situation under control and they continued their voyage to the Starbase.

Teams continued to work to the The USS Phoenix when the word was given to abandon her and transported over to the new USS Phoenix-B where they would find a brand new ship with some very unique modifications and improvements. All of which were engineering marvels in their own sense.

Retired Captain Williams was taking time to show Chief Engineer Darnell some of these modifications and informing her that not all of them had been completed before they departed to rescue the crew.

Meanwhile Admiral Esrom was meeting with the Captain, turning over the ship to him and transferring control codes over.

The Piedmont went to work unfolding its docking arms and latching on to the Old Phoenix.

As the last of the crew beamed over to the new ship, Saint-Clair was the last to exit the ship. Upon her exit she took time to pull the commissioning plaque and present it to the Captain as he sat on the bridge.

The temporary crew continued to pilot the ship when the Executive Officer came in and requested leave for a unstated personnel reason. The leave was granted.

The Piedmont parked away from the Starbase upon arrival and waited for further orders as the rest of the rag tag convoy finally docked. Crews went to work to help the refugees and to finish all the new modifications to the New Phoenix.

What will be the Phoenix’s next mission?
What are the other modifications to be done to her?

Come Join the USS Phoenix as she gets re-commissioned and continues her galaxy wide adventure.

Congratulations to the October 2014 Community winners

Congratulations to the winners for October 2014 Community awards.

Sim of the Month: Starbase 35 – Alpha Fleet
Community Activity Award: X-Men: Frontlines – Epsilon Fleet
Fleet Activity Award: Delta Fleet
Summary Award (From October 2014) USS Phoenix – Alpha Fleet

Excerpt from the summary:
As the USS Phoenix falls apart around the crew from the Gorn attack Captain Merlin and Counselor T’sai transport 30 or so refugees on a now stolen Gorn freighter and head to Starbase 35 with Chief of Science Saint-Clair in close proximity in her fighter keeping a close watch on the situation; thwarting any and all enemy aggressors.

To read full summary: USS Phoenix

Alpha Fleet News – May 2014

Alpha fleet is in full swing once more .

She dusted off her Nacelles and bought home a shiny new award.

Congratulations to Andromeda on Winning Sim of the month for April 2014.

Posting numbers are growing each month on the forums.

FCO Margo and FXO Merlin wish to say continue the fantastic work.

The USS Phoenix is up for sim of the month this month let us try to bring back to back awards home to Alpha Fleet by supporting the sim and her crew.

In other Aplha Fleet news.

Starfleet Delta is growing stronger and stronger still looking for crew please contact FSF Duke and FSF Wassga for more information.

Charmed coven of the moon has changed its name to Fellowship of the moon and is now a message board Sim also looking for crew please see FSF Bailey and FSF Myth for more information

Alpha selects USS Phoenix – Summary Nomination January 2014

The USS Phoenix has been en-route for the outskirts of the quadrant to finally start looking at celestial bodies for tara-forming. While on their journey the recovering helm operator, Ensign Claudia Johnson has returned to duty.

Upon her return Captain Merlin had a pleasant discussion with her and restored her to her full rank and operational status, telling her a story of a previous Captain and his helping hand that had put Merlin where he is today. Although Johnson continued to balk at accepting it she finally realized that it was done and there was nothing else to be said.

Elsewhere on the ship, there were still a few bugs cropping up coming out of Trans Warp and this time Murphy rose its ugly head in Stellar Cartography blowing a power relay and causing a small fire. Chief Engineer, Sineade Darnell, had been dispatched to the fire location to assist in its containment and restoration of power.

To throw a monkey wrench into things the Phoenix took on a new Security Officer, however this new officer, Ensign Kevin “Keen Eye” Marlowe, was highly altered with cybernetics and to make things worse he was babbling about something called DS9 and Dominion war. Which apparently is somewhere in the future, like 50 years in the future.

These oddities have the Chief Science officer, Lieutenant Cassandra Josephine Saint-Clair puzzled to say the least as well as the Ships Counselor, Lieutenant T’sai. At present T’sai is trying to have a discussion with Marlowe to see if he is mentally sound.

Sait-Clair has reported that the cybernetics should work to our advantage and is physically capable of performing the duties required of a Security officer.

Captain Merlin is in the Ready Room apparently entertaining himself with child like actions as well as tearing down his favorite weapon, performing a clean and oil routine while he awaits a call form his Executive Officer, Commander Sitelk to review plans for the upcoming investigation of the class G planet that they have arrived at.

Where did this Marlowe come from in reality?
Is this Marlowe caught up in his own delusion caused form the cybernetics?
What will the forthcoming away mission discover? A barren ready to tera-form body?

Come join the USS Phoenix and her unusual crew for an adventure into the unknown.

Alpha Fleet News – February 2014

Alpha News – February 2014

With the awards approaching on the 28th of the month the fleet has been busy getting it’s self ready
for the show.

Please go to Fleet Awards and put forward your nominating votes.

Alpha fleet lost the USS Aquinas but gained Startrek: Andromeda. We welcome FSF Blackjack, FSF Margo and their crew to Alpha Fleet.

Alpha Fleet has one simulation up for SOTM for March – USS Phoenix, congratulations on making the ballet.

USS Cadecus – Summary Submission – December 2013

*Hear the Battle Cry*

The Federation is at war and the USS Cadecus:M*A*S*H has been deployed to the site of a fierce battle between the Federation allies and the Breen and Cardassians. Having been ordered to remain outside the battle and give aid to the wounded, Captain Dreia Frej-Gonzalez has positioned the Cadecus and has sent the elite ParaRescue teams into the hot zone to recover life pods and survivors amid the debris of what were once proud ships from both sides of the engagement. Pvts Wade and Wells have been navigating the battlefield amid phaser fire, explosions and the detrius of war to locate and rescue any life signs they find on their Marine drop ship’s scanner, with the help of MSGT Jamie Stathem coordinating their efforts from the Cadecus’ Marine flight deck’s wider range scanners for areas to survey for survivors. Those being transferred to the Cadecus’ many medical bays for treatment via the main triage bay. Dr Clarice Gibbons has her hands full in the trauma wards as it quickly fills
with those wounded in explosions on the various ships they came from. Despite the excellent medical care, not all patients will survive. A Fact That Gibbons soon learns as the patient she is treating fades before her treatment can have an affect.

Meanwhile, The rescure of the USS Harding’s surviving crew has not gone as smoothly as Commander Anvarthiu K’Xiks could have hoped. He and Ens Valkyrie, while successfully beaming the survivors off the doomed ship, have run in problems of their own. After being hit by some debris, the Runabout is starting to suffer hull micro-fissures and the power systems have begun to fail. Explosions in the rear have sent the runabout tumbling on a collision course with the Cadecus.

Mia is able to transport almost everyone off the Runabout.. All the survivors from the Harding… But she was not able to lock on to K’xiks or Valkyrie and they are still on the runabout. She can’t get a tractor on the runabout because there is too much other debris in the path that would cause severe damage to both the Runabout and the Cadecus.

MSGT Stathem decides to assist with the rescue of the Commander and takes flight in one of the Marine fighters. Maneuvering her ship into a parallel course with the tumbling craft as the two men inside are attempting to bring it back to life. Just as Stathem thinks she’s got a lock, a second explosion amid decks in the Runabout changes the speed and trajectory, causing the MSGT to veer away and her first attempt to tractor the runabout fails.

Stathem quickly circles around and knowing that if this attempt fails she will have to shoot the runabout to prevent the collision with the Cadecus has her nerves heightened. Attempting to contact the Runabout and let them know her plans and not getting more than a broken response of static she sets her sights on the Runabout and targets it once more. The Tractor locks on and she goes to full reverse and feels the tug of the added weight. On the runabout, they also feel the sudden stop and have been able to get just enough power restored to know that, with the core damaged beyond repair, now is the time to eject it. Anvar hits the eject and the area of space where the Fighter and the Runabout are locked together lights up with a blue-white glow.

Stathem doesn’t waste any time and vectors the Runabout towards the Cadecus lower shuttlebay, where Mia has been sent to grab hold of the ship when Stathem releases her tractor. Mia follows the flight of the runabout, keeping the tractor targeted on it but not engaged until the Fighter signals the hand-off. After a quick but successful hand-off from the fighter and Stathem veering off and nearly scraping the hull. Cummings managed to bring the runabout into the shuttlebay ans halt it’s momentum 5 feet from the inner hull. K’xiks and Valkyrie are now safely back on board, although a little worse for wear.

And there are still people out amongst the field of battle damaged vessels in desperate situations, some praying for a miracle and some resigned that this is the end of their lives.. but will that be their fate?

Alpha Fleet News – January 2014

Happy New Years to Alpha Fleet and welcome to 2014!

In December Alpha fleet has seen a historical change with long standing FCO FSF Esrom stepping away from Alpha Fleet. In January the reigns will be handed over to the New FCO FSF Margo Former XO of Space Fleet.

The staff of Alpha Fleet wishes to welcome her in and offer her a helping hand with any and all changes in the future. We would also like to thank our Departing FCO for her many years of fantastic service with Alpha fleet. You will be missed

Alpha Fleet sim news:
Starbase 35 launches a brand new website. Have a look at Starbase 35.

Starbase 35 grows stronger day by day with it’s 3 host team pairing of FSF Myth, FSF Merlin and FSF Bastetovski.

This trio keep the plot ideas fresh and exciting for their crew. FSF Myth was asked to sum up SB35 in her own words and it was epic. You can see it in the monthly news letter.

The first of the month brings around yet another change for Alpha Fleet with the long awaited return of Star fleet: Delta!! Hosted by FSF Wasaga and FSF Duke, the sim re-launches on the first of Jan 2014.

The USS Phoenix is boldly going insane – where no crew has gone insane before.
The sim is hosted by FSF Merlin and FSF Bastetovksi. This duo keeps things interesting, fun and always has a trick up there sleeves. Currently Captain Merlin is driving his CNS nuts by trying to fly like a bird.

Charmed Coven of The Moon is going places where most sim’s don’t want to go. The sim is still looking for new members to join they keep things interesting and fun for all in the play.

Other changes we have for you in January, is the departure of the USS Aquinas. It sadness us to lose such a fine sim but they are merging with Delta Fleets USS Ghost Rider. We wish them all the best of luck in their future.

On a happier note we welcome the return of Startrek: Andromeda Hosted by FSF Margo and FSF Blackjack.