IRC Issues Resolved

Tonight, FSF Orion reported that the issues with the IRC server have been resolved. A little over eight days ago, stopped responding to IRC chat requests. FSF obtains its IRC connection through a 3rd party server maintained and operated by GeniusSystems.

Through communications with the server administrators at, we discovered that due to a recent policy change, several important ports were now being blocked. However, the server company misunderstood our setup as an IRC server and canceled our DNS redirect. With further communications, FSF Orion cleared up the situation and returned to service on October 25th, 2003.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact FSF Orion. If you would like to chat on the server, click here.

Recent Removals

The Personnel Director, FSF Orion, announced this evening of upcoming removals from the group. Anyone that has not confirmed their account within 30 days will be removed by October 25th, 2003. Further removals will occur, but at a slower pace to give people time to reconfirm their accounts.

When a player joins, they need to verify their email address is valid by clicking on a confirm link in their email. If their email is invalid or they simply do not click on the link, their account remains unconfirmed and is eventually removed by the group. An estimated 50 people have unconfirmed accounts in the group over the past six months.

FSF: The Comic Strip?

It”s official, the FSF is going to be in a comic strip. FSF Dmitri made his return to the FSF not as a host, but as an artist, offering to draw a comic every week with an FSF theme. Dmitri has stated that the comic will involve a ship with several characters roughly related to their FSF counterparts.

To drum up some interest and get the membership involved, Dmitri posted a contest asking for ideas for the name of the comic strip. Several names came rolling in, however, the winner happened to be Star Trek: An FSF Chronicle.

Dmitri has set up shop on the server, hosting his website at In addition to the FSF comic, Dmitri also draws a comic called Forever Fallen. Dmitri has been an active participant on the FSF message boards since his return and has expressed his thanks to a welcoming and warm community.

Free Email Addresses

The Administration announced this morning that the FSF webserver, located at will be offering free email addresses to anyone that is interested in an account. In addition to having an email account of unlimited space, you will have access to three different webmail systems (Horde, Neomail and Squirrelmail). In addition, all accounts offer SMTP and POP3 access.

If you are interested in signing up for an email address, please click here and give the username( and password for the account you wish to sign up for. You must have an existing email address prior to filling out the form to receive the confirmation.

Alpha Fleet Open House

The Federation Sim Fleet”s Alpha Fleet is going to have an open house of all its AOL/AIM chat sims the week of Sepember 7th, 2003. All are welcome to attend and sim. Bring a friend, bring two friends, heck bring your cousin! The Alpha fleet hosting team (The A-Team) are ready and looking foward to your visit.

Here is the schedule for Alpha Fleet”s Open house night.

MONDAY, Sept. 8, 2003:

Starbase: 254 – Monday, September 8th @ 8pm EST.
Hosts: FSF Belle, FSF Jon
Room (AOL): aol://2719:10-4-Starbase%20254/
AIM users invite yourself into room “Starbase 254”

USS Infinity – Monday, September 8th @ 10 pm EST.
Hosts: FSF Lowana, FSF Kariena
Room: aol://2719:10-4-USS%20Infinity/
AIM users Invite yourself into room “USS Infinity”

SATURDAY, Sept. 13, 2003:

IKS MaQmIgH (Klingon) – Saturday, Sepember 13 @ 8 pm EST.
Hosts: FSF Veqlargh, FSF JMM
Room: aol://2719:10-4-MaqmIgh/
AIM Users invite yourself into room “MaqmIgh”

USS Legacy – Saturday, September 13 @ 11 pm EST.
Hosts: FSF Hanley, FSF Jon,
Room: aol://2719:10-4-USS%20Legacy/
AIM Users Invite yourself into room “USS Legacy”

All Are welcome to either observe or guest at any or all of these sims! The host team is very friendly and will welcome you aboard. If you have a problem getting into the room, just IM one of the hosts and they will be glad to help you. For more information, please contact me @ I will be more that happy to assist you.

See you at the sim!

Jon Sader

Thank You

I wanted to thank everyone for all their help with the relaunch of the Buzz. Hopefully the response will be favorable, as this format is much easier to publish every month.

Special thanks go to Seth Cotis of the SLA sim group for lending me the idea and format of the SLA Comm Monthly. Thanks go to my editor FSF Josh and my guest columnist FSF Morpheus. Thanks go to Trek Today for their Trek News scooping.

Until next time, happy simming.

Host Point of View

Simming is similar to role playing but more structured and organised. Like role playing, you take the role of a character and you become that character. As we use the Star Trek genre the character you take will be that of a Star Trek Officer or civilian depending on your choice. As we are a structured group you cannot join as a Captain straight away we run it as realistically as we can. You join as a cadet (if you have no experience in simming we have a dedicated team of instructors to help you ease your way into simming) or an Ensign then you come to the sims and as you sim throughout the weeks you impress your Commanding Officer and Executive Officer with good simming ability and writing logs, they will promote you. On average the first promotion comes after 4 – 6 weeks so pretty soon you”ll be a Lieutenant Junior Grade and you”re already climbing the ladder. Obviously as you move higher up the ranks, promotions become harder to get, but when you do get that promotion its a great feeling something to be proud of.

What does Simming offer you? Well, in answer to that question simming offers you the chance to create your character and lead them down the path you choose for them working with other simmers on one of our numerous vessels. You will meet many different people from Jack the human to Vlokul the Wymdoth. Most of all simming offers you the chance to escape the sometimes boring flow of life and escape into a fantasy world where the emphasis is on having a good time and enjoying yourself. If you”re not enjoying yourself then the hosts aren”t doing their jobs and all you have to do is say ”hey hang on a minute, I don”t like this. I think it would be better if you did it this way,” they will be more than happy to listen to your suggestions because they are learning just like you. Anyway we can make your time more enjoyable is our aim, we”re not interested in numbers, we”re interested in fun and good times.

Everyone is welcome to join and have a go nobody will be treated differently from anyone else because thats is the way we see it. Also we”re not just interested in the actual sims we want you to feel happy to speak to everyone out of sims. Also ranks only count in the sims, outside of the sims everyone is equal Captain Jack Baller of the Starbase Adelphi maybe Captain in sim but outside he is just ”Jack” and a nice guy to if you have any questions or just want to chat he or any other of the hosts are more than happy just to chat outside of the sims because its a community of friends not a job where you come – you sim – you leave and the same every week. Also you aren”t tied down to just one sim if you want to be on the USS Phoenix and the USS Alceste then you”re welcome to.

We hope this (my host point of view) has answered some of your questions. So hopefully you like what you”ve seen and you want to sign up. Offering Webspace

Launched in July 2002, has offered free message boards, chat rooms, top 50 website list, search directory and file libraries for gaming groups and individual games. Recently, the Simming League migrated to the Diaspora webserver, which rumored having gigabytes of available webspace. The League gives much credibility in a simming community that often isn”t organized or centralized.

By filling out a small application, visitors to the website can gain access to FTP and mySQL resources, especially needed for PHP message boards, like phpBB. Several groups have taken advantage of the webspace, including the Simming League, Omega Simulations, United Space Fleet, USS Malinche and USS Atlantis. While not the most popular website, has a niche and is destined to gain in popularity as groups search for free webspace in the future.