maQmIgh Sim Admission

The FSF is proud to announce the latest simulation addmission, the maQmIgh Klingon based Star Trek game. FSF Veqlargh & FSF JMM first approached the FSF six months ago, gathering information on possible joining. In that time, Fleet Command and the Administration have worked with them to update their website and prepare them for the transition into the group.

Fleet Command unanimously approved their admission into the group. The game was placed into Alpha Fleet, under the careful eye of FSF Jon. When asked to comment, Jon simply stated “the game looks to have a lot of potential.”

Members have expressed a desire for more Klingon based games. FSF had attempted in the past to start Klingon and Romulan based games, but the most success has been through simulation admissions, where established games join and become integrated into the group. Offering Webspace

Launched in July 2002, has offered free message boards, chat rooms, top 50 website list, search directory and file libraries for gaming groups and individual games. Recently, the Simming League migrated to the Diaspora webserver, which rumored having gigabytes of available webspace. The League gives much credibility in a simming community that often isn”t organized or centralized.

By filling out a small application, visitors to the website can gain access to FTP and mySQL resources, especially needed for PHP message boards, like phpBB. Several groups have taken advantage of the webspace, including the Simming League, Omega Simulations, United Space Fleet, USS Malinche and USS Atlantis. While not the most popular website, has a niche and is destined to gain in popularity as groups search for free webspace in the future.