September 2013 Scheduled Events

September 5 Open Chat hosted by FSF Margo 8PM ET #FSF Channel.

September 14 FSF Radio LIVE! Hosted by FSF Margo 9pm ET#FSF Channel.

September 18 Open Chat Hosted by FSF Falk 8pm ET#FSF Channel.

September 25 Open Sim hosted by FSF Duke and FSF Margo 8pm ET#FSF Channel.

September 27 FSF Trivia Master hosted by FSF Lynx 9pm ET#FSF Channel.

Dates, Times and events are subject to change.

Congratulations to the August 2013 Community winners

Congratulations to the following winners of the August 2013 community awards!

Sim of the Month (for September 2013): Stargate: SG-10
Community Award: USS Ghost Rider
Fleet Activity Award: Delta Fleet
Summary Award: (for July 2013)Space Fleet – Star Trek: Eternity

Excerpt from the Summary:
With Janelle James in the nearby market, Vreenak and Farooqi enter “The Bollard,” and are soon met by Harold Ambrose. Aboard ship, Capt. Barlow checks on Amelia Moore, then surprises Colin Byrne with the reinstatement of his old rank and the post of 2nd Officer. The surprise is then Barlow’s as during his meeting with Dr. Reese, he learns that his new physician has cracked the Gen 7 code, and can reprogram the nanoprobes at will. Marisol Hocevar oversees the patching of Hope’s largest hull breech as she reviews Vreenak’s potential supply purchases on her PADD.

To read the full summary Space Fleet – Star Trek: Eternity Summary

Changing of the Guard: Shuni Retires, Titan and Others Promoted

The end of July saw a transition of command that has brought little in the way of operational changes to the FSF but big change in the way of public leadership. Admiral Jonathan Shuni, who originally created the FSF and has been it’s commanding officer for 20 years, announced his retirement from the position. He will stay on in an administrative role, taking care of technical aspects of the FSF and the Simming.Net server.

FSF Titan, who has been the FSF’s Executive Officer, has been promoted to the Commanding Officer administrative position. FSF Falk has moved up from Chief of Operations to Titan’s former position, and FSF Who has been voted in as the new Chief of Operations.

While this bodes a somewhat fundamental shift in the FSF administrative members, day-to-day operations will not change. Already, FSF Titan had been taking care of administrative duties comparable with his new position, and FSF Falk had been gaining oversight experience of the directors which will assist him in his duties now overseeing Fleet Command and assisting as FSF Executive Officer.

Despite the changes to the names at the top of the command chain, Admiral Shuni will still remain in an administrative position. The FSF founder and 20 year long leader will remain in charge of the website and technical aspects of FSF operations. He will continue to have a say in the direction of the FSF and will work along with the rest of the administrative team, who will all collectively continue to take the lead in moving the FSF forward.

August 2013 Scheduled Events

August 5 FSF Radio 2 “Something About Sail”

August 10 at 9PM EST, FSF Radio Live hosted by FSF Margo #FSF Channel.

August 12 FSF Radio 2 “Farewell To Shuni”

August 14 at 8PM EST, IRC Course Hosted by FSF Tommy #FSF Channel.

August 16 at 9PM EST, Open Chat hosted by FSF Sail #FSF Channel.

August 19 FSF Radio 2 “FSF Radio 2 Team Night”

August 23 at 9PM EST, Open Sim with sound effects Hosted by FSF Lynx and FSF Margo #FSF Channel.

August 26 FSF Radio 2 “SIM of the Month”

August 30 at 9PM EST, FSF Trivia Master Hosted by FSF Lynx #FSF Channel.

August 31 at 9PM EST, Shuni Awards Hosted by FSF Bri #FSF Channel.

Battlestar Galactica: Though Destruction, Perseverance

Two thousand years have passed since the last of the colonist arrived on Earth. In the process of accustoming themselves to the planet, they destroyed the remains of the original Battlestar Galactica and hid the truth of their identity from their ancestors.

However, not all evidence of their existence was whipped out. Journals, ship plans, histories, and philosophies were left behind, hidden in a collection of literature hidden under the Sphinx.

The United States Government decides to construct a new battlestar, named Galactica, in the hopes of exploring the vastness of the universe through the technology of jump drives.

However, shortly after the completion of the new Battlestar Galactica, the Cylons attack Earth in order to whip out the final descendants of the colonist. The Battlestar Galactica escapes the invasion with a full crew and a few civilians taken from Earth shortly before its inhalation. Led by Major Michael Baltar, the Battlestar Galactica jumps away just in the nick of time. As they are pursued, Baltar decides to risk the rest of humanity and return the descendants of the colonist back to the Twelve Colonies of Kobol.

If you wish to join contact Ro Kii or FSF Myth

June 2013 Community Awards

Congratulations to the following winners of the June 2013 community awards!

Sim of the Month (for July 2013): USS Firewall
Community Award: USS Ghost Rider
Fleet Activity Award: Delta Fleet
Summary Award: Star Trek: Eternity

Excerpt from the Summary:
Hope escapes the debris field, going to warp. Soon, Eternity is right on her heels. Each of the pursuer’s shots demonstrates massive power which threatens to denude the fleeing Intrepid class vessel of her shields. On the bridge, Capt. Barlow is silent and studious as Vreenak discusses options, maneuvers and power reroute with LtCdr Moore, Ens. Farooqi and Lt. Hocevar. In Sickbay, the newcomer, Reese, fights to save the life of a severely burned Colin Byrne, until sudden power demands plunge the compartment into blackness, taking the EMH as well.

To read the full summary Star Trek: Eternity Summary

Open SIM: Runaway Train will be boarding. . .

All Aboard! The creators Of Murder Mystery Mansion are bringing you another Open SIM in the sound effects simulation series. Runaway Train is being brought to you on Thursday June 27th at 8pm Eastern time in the FSF IRC channel, #FSF Lots of fun, laughter and suspense will be found at your nearest train station.

June’s FSF Scavenger Hunt has Started!

Ready to test out your sleuthing skills? We have just the challenge for the month of June! Starting now, head over to FSF Scavenger Hunt for June to see the clues that you solve to find the hidden words. Gather all 10 words to put together a sentence. First 3 members who correctly put together the sentence and e-mail it to will win prizes! The contest will run from June 1 to June 30, 2013 with clues being dropped 2 times a week, so keep your eyes sharp!