Recruiting Kicked Into High Gear

With FSF”s previous recruiting drive of 1997 being a distant memory, the modern-day recruiting department has decided to give it another go. An e-mail was sent out to all members and a post was made to the boards notifying all members of the event, informing them that it would last one month and involve both hosts and members alike.

“Each member need only recruit one person into the organization for the drive to be a success,” FSF Orion stated, “and then their job is done unless they decide to do more to help out.” Each new recruit will tell FSF staff who recruited them in the online application so that a tally may be kept. Those who decide to recruit more than one person have an opportunity to win an award from FSF (for 3 or more people introduced to the organization), and the member who recruited the most people will win the Star Trek: Nemesis Soundtrack!

“Nothing hurts with having fresh blood.” said FSF Josh, one of FSF”s newer hosts in light of the announcement. With the memory of the prior recruiting drive being a success, the current community at large has high hopes for increased activity as a result of the current attempt.

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Interview with FSF Josh

I had the fortune of talking with FSF Josh, one of FSF”s newer host hires for the summer, and he had some interesting things to say about simming, hosting and the infamous summer slump.

Buzz Editor: How has your experience been, thus far, in the FSF as a host?

FSF Josh: It has been a truly enjoyable experience. I had already felt part of the FSF community as a player. Hosting, though, has, in my opinion, brought me closer to the community, and I am certainly enjoying it. Everyone has been kind and a great help to me.

Buzz Editor: What made you become a host in the first place?

FSF Josh: There are two main reasons. One, I am friends with the current FSF Chloe and she was interested in starting up an email simulation, with me as her XO. I knew that if I wanted to be in such a position I”d have to be a host. Two, I had always (and still do) respect the hosting staff for the work and effort they put into each of their sims and wanted to be in a position where I, too, could put my work and efforts towards a sim to benefit others.

Buzz Editor: What was your first sim in the FSF?

FSF Josh: The USS Outrider on IRC. She was an excellent place for me to start, in my opinion, and she still is doing fine. Certainly a great IRC sim.

Buzz Editor: Who was your hosting role model coming into the group?

FSF Josh: I came into FSF with no simming experience. Thanks to FSF Brett and FSF Lilly, I was able to learn what I needed to survive in the simming world. They set me up on the path towards growth. However, I would have to say FSF Truce has been a role model for me. Watching him in command of Stennis and the kind way he deals with his simmers always appealed to me.

Buzz Editor: What kind of simming styles do you most like?

FSF Josh: Email simulations provide an opportunity to add a great amount of detail and background to a character. However, my first sim style was chat on IRC, and thus, chat simming is still my favorite.

Buzz Editor: What do you look forward to in the coming months?

FSF Josh: I”ve heard people talking about a “summer slump”. I am really looking forward to seeing the winter months approach to see the hopeful influx of new people. I also look forward to the continuing of my hosting duties where I can continue to be a positive influence on the simulation as well as the community to the best of my ability.

maQmIgh Sim Admission

The FSF is proud to announce the latest simulation addmission, the maQmIgh Klingon based Star Trek game. FSF Veqlargh & FSF JMM first approached the FSF six months ago, gathering information on possible joining. In that time, Fleet Command and the Administration have worked with them to update their website and prepare them for the transition into the group.

Fleet Command unanimously approved their admission into the group. The game was placed into Alpha Fleet, under the careful eye of FSF Jon. When asked to comment, Jon simply stated “the game looks to have a lot of potential.”

Members have expressed a desire for more Klingon based games. FSF had attempted in the past to start Klingon and Romulan based games, but the most success has been through simulation admissions, where established games join and become integrated into the group.