USS Stargazer (SFOL) – Summary of The Month October 2013

The USS Stargazer, having made it to Baku, gets help in the form of supplies from the Ba’ku people to help repair their ship after the severe damage inflicted by the Cardassian attack in the middle of the Briar Patch. While Engineering worked hard to get the ship back operational as soon as possible, an AT went to the planet to investigate for a cure to the deadly disease spreading across the quadrant. Medical and Science determined that the radiation that occurs naturally because of Baku’s location within the Briar Patch was inhibiting the spread of the disease on the planet, as well as contributing to the ability for the native populace to fight off the disease. Now the next step was to figure out a cure based on that knowledge.

Meanwhile, Security tracked down a lead about the possible visits of Romulans to Baku, not long before the Stargazer arrived. The knowledge that the Empire had been there also searching for a cure, before any reported outbreaks in Romulan space was quite a question maker. Armed with a fixed ship and new knowledge, the crew left Baku, heading out of the Briar Patch to meet up with another Federation ship to take aboard an Admiral for an update.

On their way, as they neared the edge of the Briar Patch, they received a distress call from another federation ship. Changing course to intercept, they arrived at a lone planet, where the signal was coming from. An AT was sent down to investigate, where they discovered an object that referred to itself as “The Guardian”.

Tempting fate, the AT traveled through the Guardian of Forever and found themselves five years in the future. All had been promoted in rank, and Captain Margo Rock was no longer in command of the ship, Commander Sayre was now Captain, with the former Dr. Gretin as the Executive Officer.

The crew had little time to adjust to the changes, as they arrived at Earth and quickly found themselves under surprise attack from the Romulans, who uncloaked suddenly. Unleashing a merciless attack against both the ‘Gazer and San Francisco, the crew suddenly found themselves abandoning ship as the ‘Gazer’s systems started to fail. In the nick of time, several of the crew were transported suddenly off the ship and into the middle of Siberia…thanks to the former Captain Rock.

Margo, who was now as civilian, had joined with an mercenary group to further her mission of stopping the virus, even with being in Star Fleet. She’d seen the ship in trouble and saved who she could before the ship exploded. After being brought up to speed on the situation, the group armored up and made a plan to get to San Francisco to repel the Romulan invasion.

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