FSF Welcomes FSF Falk as its Executive Officer

The FSF Welcomes FSF Falk as its executive Officer. FSF Merlin interviewed him and here is the transcript of that interview.

FM What drew you into simming and in what year?

FF Originally, I got into simming in 1996, on the now-defunct Star Wars Sim Group on AOL. I first learned about it when I think I was doing searches for Star Wars stuff on AOL, and stumbled across it. I then joined a group called FSG later that same year. I took a break during college, I think I stopped simming for about 4 years out of the 5 so I could concentrate on my 2 degrees. I resumed simming after graduating and moving to my first job location, and found FSF in 2004, and the rest is history up to this point.

Full interview can be read here. FSF Welcomes FSF Falk as its new Executive Officer

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