The FSF Welcomes FSF Falk as its Executive Officer

The FSF Welcomes FSF Falk as its executive Officer. FSF Merlin interviewed him and here is the transcript of that interview.

FM What drew you into simming and in what year?

FF Originally, I got into simming in 1996, on the now-defunct Star Wars Sim Group on AOL. I first learned about it when I think I was doing searches for Star Wars stuff on AOL, and stumbled across it. I then joined a group called FSG later that same year. I took a break during college, I think I stopped simming for about 4 years out of the 5 so I could concentrate on my 2 degrees. I resumed simming after graduating and moving to my first job location, and found FSF in 2004, and the rest is history up to this point.

FM Once you became part of the FSF did you ever envision it becoming what it is today?

FF When I joined FSF, I had no initial desire to do anything but be a player. Now, I’m the FSF XO. Never once did I imagine myself being here, or the FSF being what it is right now. There’s been up and downs, but for the most part the group has been constant.

FM Since joining, what are some of your fondest memories with the group?

FF Not a tough one, meeting Margo and marrying her. Can’t get much better than that.

FM Did you ever see yourself as the Executive Officer of the FSF?

FF Not at all. I honestly, originally, never even saw myself as becoming a host again.

FM How do you feel about being the group Executive Officer?

FF I enjoy it quite a bit, it lets me interact with everyone I’ve gotten to know over the years as a host and FCO slightly differently, but all toward the same goal: Making FSF a fun place to be.

FM What do you envision in the near future for the FSF?

FF Lots of fun, I think we have a good group of people leading FSF, and Titan and I are willing to try anything, including thinking outside the box when it comes to new games.

FM Do you have some words for the group as a whole?

FF Everyone: Have fun, simming is about enjoyment of role playing, and creating characters. This is where we all come to relax and enjoy ourselves, and just remember to keep doing that.

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