USS Aquinas – Summary of The Month September 2013

When we last left the crew of the Aquinas they were sitting in space with Taskforce Delta licking out wounds from the previous battle. With repairs and the injured almost completely taken care of Lieutenant Daniel was ordered by Colonel Connell to prep a team to board an inbound ship that the crew hasn’t been informed about at large. The last of the injured are being treated in sickbay and repair is 98% complete.

All the members of the Away Team (Everyone except the CO and XO) will be arriving in the Shuttle Bay preparing to board an Arrow Class runabout that has been refitted for Marine Boarding and Landing Operations. The team will be briefed by the Colonel once everyone has arrived there.

Having successfully boarded the unidentified Defiant Class starship, the members of the away team separated to cover more ground. As the engineering group arrived in Main Engineering they quickly found a door that had been sealed with no apparent way to enter the room. At the same time, another team entered the bridge and began looking around. As Daniels began downloading the ship’s log, he ordered Ensign Pilot to return the ship to normal condition as the ship was at red alert when they arrived. As the ship’s lighting returned to normal the sealed door in Engineering unsealed.

As Daniel set the self destruct for 5 minutes and activated it, the Borg were reported in Engineering. With most everyone running to Engineering to save Amun, a couple people ran to the runabout and started preparing for takeoff. With just a minute or so remaining, the rest of the away team boarded the runabout and took off, heading back to the Aquinas. Borg had jumped onto the runabout as it was leaving and interceptors launched from Aquinas, shooting the Borg off the runabout. After successfully clearing the Borg, the Defiant Class Ship, detonated and exploded. The away team on the runabout, arrived back at the Aquinas and parked, where the Captain and the Colonel were awaiting them.

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