USS Stargazer (SFOL) – Summary of The Month August 2013

The Stargazer, under the new command of Captain Rock and Commander Sayre, left earth and made their way to the Valo colonies near the Cardassian border in hopes of tracking down patient zero of the GMD outbreak.

Conditions were bleak at the colonies, and the first visit to Valo 1 proved a dead end. However, a quick trip to the second colony, Valo 2 proved to be more fruitful. Upon the teams arrival, they found conditions just as bad as at the previous colony, but a leader emerged and began telling the team of the time at the start of the outbreak.

According to the leader, Cardassian ship traffic had been very heavy through the sector months before the outbreak and had suddenly stopped a few days before the first few people fell ill. She then reported that the hospital building, where some of the sick and dying were located, was heavily damaged in riots during the height of the illness and was in desperate need of repair to continue functioning. Engineering teams are then sent down to assess the situation at the hospital, while the AT makes their way there on foot.

Once at the clinic, the leader gives the team access to medical files, in hopes of tracking down the source of the infection. As they move through the decrepit building below, back in orbit, a team of three Cardassian Warships suddenly enter the sector.

The ships seemed surprised to see the Stargazer in orbit, state that they are here to provide aid and then quickly turn around and leave. Minutes later, swarms of attackers, dress in full HAZMAT suits storm the hospital, blowing up charges, which trap the engineers in the generator room, and start shooting anything that moves. In the attack, the ‘Gazers assistant security officer, Gaius Kii, is killed.

The AT manages to repel the attack and rescue their engineers. Upon investigation, they find evidence that it was a Cardassian strike force, that was sent ahead to “clean up” the colonies for Cardassian settlement. Another Bajoran leader makes it from another part of the planet and tells the AT that a Cardassian doctor known for committing horrific atrocities in the name of science, Dr. Crell Moset, had been at the colonies weeks before the outbreak and had headed on to the Nehru colony.

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