Summary Winner February 2015 – USS Stargazer (SFOL)

Chapter I. Loomings

The crew of the USS Stargazer returned to space dock only to receive word from Starfleet Command that a massive front was being developed and war had once again settled upon the Alpha Quadrant.

The Romulan Empire broke the ceasefire agreement with the Federation and moved ships into Federation space along the Federation side of the neutral zone. Several Star Bases and depots that had been liberated in the first wave of attacks a year previously were once again seized by the Romulans.

The crew were called back to the front. The Federation once again sent a fleet to neutralize the threat. Recently promoted Captain Montgomery Sayre wanted to stay away from the fight and every night since the war had ended he remembered the cries from the battles that had been fought. He remembered his near death experience, and he remembered what it was like seeing many of the brightest and youngest of Federation personal fall at the hands of an enemy so cruel and vengeful that death was of little consequence.

So the Stargazer went back to the front and her crew feared the outcome. When they arrived, they took up shop behind a moon and along with a few other vessels, including the USS Caduceus, the Stargazer became a supply and support vessel. And the battle began.

Little did the Federation know that between the fighting and ceasefire the Romulan Empire had created a much stronger and improved torpedo, capable of crippling a ship in two hits, and destroying a vessel in three. The battle proved to be crippling for the Federation forces. Ship after ship fell victim to the new weapon. Shortly before its destruction, the Stargazer was able to save the crew of the USS Enterprise. For the Caduceus, things weren’t as lucky. The Hermes was destroyed and the Caduceus was left with systems critical and a Captain shot by Romulans during boarding.