November 2013 Game Summary Award

Congratulations to the USS Ghost Rider for winning the November 2013 Game Summary Award. What exciting things happened on that game during November? Read below:

Amidst the quiet on the Ghost Rider, tension still remains constant. Things in space have calmed down, but the battle still rages on the surface. But are things as safe in space as it seems? The ships A.I. works tirelessly trying to identify something at the extreme edge of sensor range… it was too big to be a ship… but the sensor resolution, or lack thereof, wasn’t allowing her to see what it was… Inspiration… what if it wasn’t a single object, but multiple objects flying close together… she compared parts of the edges to known Terran ship profiles, and quickly began to spot identifiable areas. It was an Armada… soon a second group appeared… then another… The counter-attack was coming…

On the surface below them, the Search and Rescue team has met up with the down flyboy, and is working their way towards the LZ. After a few close run ins with the enemy, they finally arrive, but find that the Terrans have already found where they were headed. Fortunately, the 452d was still in the area. General Abaddon called in an airstrike and soon after, the LZ was clear. They got on board the Hopper and headed back to the HQ.

On the Terran Station, the Marines cornered a group of Terrans that had managed to get out of the safety of the hardened center area. The Marines set an ambush for them, and soon after forced them into a deadly crossfire. However the Terrans seemed to get the last laugh, as the team had apparently been planting explosives. The device detonated, destroying a plasma line, and starting plasma fires all around the area. The Marine Executive Officer was down beyond the blaze, and Hopkins knew he had no way to get to him… his irrational mind demanded he try to save his XO, but his rational mind, and his team won out, and they moved out of the area, vowing to return.

Share Your 2013 Role-Playing Memories

It can be hard to believe that we’re already into another new year. While we have much to look forward to in 2014, we no doubt have some great memories from 2013. What stood out to you? What were some of your favorite role-playing experiences and memories? We’d love to hear them! Share them with us on our Facebook page or direct them to us on Twitter using the hashtag #BestSimMemory2013. We’ll be sharing your highlights and memories at a later date.

Alpha Fleet News – January 2014

Happy New Years to Alpha Fleet and welcome to 2014!

In December Alpha fleet has seen a historical change with long standing FCO FSF Esrom stepping away from Alpha Fleet. In January the reigns will be handed over to the New FCO FSF Margo Former XO of Space Fleet.

The staff of Alpha Fleet wishes to welcome her in and offer her a helping hand with any and all changes in the future. We would also like to thank our Departing FCO for her many years of fantastic service with Alpha fleet. You will be missed

Alpha Fleet sim news:
Starbase 35 launches a brand new website. Have a look at Starbase 35.

Starbase 35 grows stronger day by day with it’s 3 host team pairing of FSF Myth, FSF Merlin and FSF Bastetovski.

This trio keep the plot ideas fresh and exciting for their crew. FSF Myth was asked to sum up SB35 in her own words and it was epic. You can see it in the monthly news letter.

The first of the month brings around yet another change for Alpha Fleet with the long awaited return of Star fleet: Delta!! Hosted by FSF Wasaga and FSF Duke, the sim re-launches on the first of Jan 2014.

The USS Phoenix is boldly going insane – where no crew has gone insane before.
The sim is hosted by FSF Merlin and FSF Bastetovksi. This duo keeps things interesting, fun and always has a trick up there sleeves. Currently Captain Merlin is driving his CNS nuts by trying to fly like a bird.

Charmed Coven of The Moon is going places where most sim’s don’t want to go. The sim is still looking for new members to join they keep things interesting and fun for all in the play.

Other changes we have for you in January, is the departure of the USS Aquinas. It sadness us to lose such a fine sim but they are merging with Delta Fleets USS Ghost Rider. We wish them all the best of luck in their future.

On a happier note we welcome the return of Startrek: Andromeda Hosted by FSF Margo and FSF Blackjack.