Join the USS Providence’s Final Adventure Tonight

The USS Providence is coming to a grand finale after 10 years of simming. Join them for one last night of action and compelling story. The game will be in AIM/AOL room “USS Providence” and begins promptly at 8PM Eastern. Following the game will be closing remarks from the sim’s creator and life long GM, FSF Josh, as well as the sharing of stories and memories from the sim’s long history.

May Trivia Master

Does the thought of Scarlett winning leave you Red? Does You-know-Who get your goat? Are you tired of Joshing around about Trivia? Do you feel Loweller than a snake’s belly when you lose? Then come Duke it out against this month’s Trivia Master. . .

Join FSF Margo and FSF Lynx on the On the FSF IRC Network on the #FSF Channel, on Friday May 31st at 9 pm Eastern time.

Open Chat On Friday May 17, @ 8pm ET

Join FSF Sail on Friday at 8pm for an Open Chat in IRC #FSF! He’ll be around to chit chat and will be making sure everyone is aware of all the awesome community events coming up. Stick around because at 9pm, FSF Who will be holding a BSG mini-series open sim in the same room. So make sure you swing by the IRC #FSF for some fun this weekend!

FSF Radio 2 is here!!

FSF Radio 2 is here! Check out the first show by clicking on the link. Special thanks to FSF Sail for putting this all together and working so hard on producing a sister show to FSF Radio LIVE. Look for FSF Radio 2 to be published every Monday. Combining a little music and a lot of member driven content, FSF Radio highlights the FSF and it’s members and creativity by having Post of the Week, nominated by fellow simmers/hosts, which are read by the winner (or a stand in if so chosen) and author read Commanders Tables. Also highlighted is FSF News and Ramble On segments. Check it out!

FSF Radio 2

You have heard of it so now the question is what is it? FSF Radio 2, much like BBC Radio 2, FSF Radio 2, is a companion channel to FSF Radio. The goal of FSF Radio 2 is to celebrate FSF, it’s SIM offerings, and most important, it’s membership.

The shows will be aired weekly on which is the home of FSF Radio as well. A typical one hour show will feature a combination of music and voice segments dedicated to FSF. Some of the features at this point include: ramble on, news, post of the week, open mic, interviews, theme nights, and radio theater.

All members of the FSF are welcome to join in. Anyone interested may contact for information or to participate.

Mark your calenders May 6, 2013 this will be the launch of the first episode of FSF Radio 2.


The newest installment of the FSF Newsletter is now on the stand! Swing by the file library and check out the first issue, which highlights the USS Providence, interviews with FSF Lynx and Sonja Kinnunen, as well as upcoming community news and events. The FSF Newsletter will be published monthly on the 1st of every month.

If you’d like to contribute to one of the following newsletters, just let me know! I’m always interested in new articles or volunteer writers.

FSF News Letter