Open Sims: Mini-Series

Open Sims: Mini-Series takes the Open Sim concept to a new level. Unlike regular Open Sims which have one shot plots the Mini-Series will run multi-part plot lines to more thoroughly explore the various different genres and allow people to become more invested in their characters. Each plot line will generally last 3 sims. At present the Mini-Series will be focusing on IRC based simming, depending on the popularity we will branch out into other standard and some unique styles of simming possibly including Board Based, Email Based, Twitter Based, and Facebook Based simming options.

The initial Mini-Series run will be Friday’s at 9pm Eastern on the dates May 10th, 17th, and 24th and will be held in the IRC room #FSF. We will be running an original storyline based upon the Re-imagined (New) version of Battlestar Galactica and will be run by FSF Who. If you’re interested in playing just stop by #FSF in IRC on May 10th and join in. Anyone showing up late or missing days will gladly be accepted but be forewarned you will not get the full experience of the plot and its twists.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Open Sims: Mini-Series feel free to contact FSF Who.

FSF Radio 2

You have heard of it so now the question is what is it? FSF Radio 2, much like BBC Radio 2, FSF Radio 2, is a companion channel to FSF Radio. The goal of FSF Radio 2 is to celebrate FSF, it’s SIM offerings, and most important, it’s membership.

The shows will be aired weekly on which is the home of FSF Radio as well. A typical one hour show will feature a combination of music and voice segments dedicated to FSF. Some of the features at this point include: ramble on, news, post of the week, open mic, interviews, theme nights, and radio theater.

All members of the FSF are welcome to join in. Anyone interested may contact for information or to participate.

Mark your calenders May 6, 2013 this will be the launch of the first episode of FSF Radio 2.

April’s FSF Trivia Master

Come join us for a special game of FSF Trivia Master. The elusive FSF Who will be taking on all comers. Little is known of him, hes mysterious, he could be deadly. Does the mob have a chance of defeating him, or does he have a chance of defeating the mob? There‘s one sure way to find out. Come join the mob, as we run this month on Friday April 26th, at 8pm EST, just before the FSF Fleet Awards. As usually we will be meeting on the FSF IRC Network on the #FSF channel

2013 Fleet Awards Ceremony

It’s time to acknowledge the players and members that make us who we are! The FSF is holding it’s annual Fleet Awards Ceremony on April 26th beginning at 9PM EST on IRC. Feel free to arrive an hour earlier for a match of FSF Trivia Master, where everyone will try to outsmart one person in their knowledge of the FSF. The Fleet Awards allow each fleet to recognize outstanding individuals for their performances and contributions. Please come out to support and congratulate your fellow members!

Murder Mystery Mansion

Clue! Do you have a clue? Who done it? Was it you? Was it the person sitting next to you? Was it that 16 year old tattooed leather wearing punk down the table from you? Are you curious enough to come explore our Gothic mansion? If you are, come join us for our first ever live open chat with sound effects. It will be held on April 19th at 9 pm eastern in the FSF IRC room #FSF. Visit the Murder Mystery Mansion… if you dare!

Space Fleet Changing Names

Space Fleet (SFOL) merged into the FSF in 2005 and in that time has proven to be a solid fleet of high quality games. As a part of the variety of changes happening around the FSF Space Fleet has requested a name change in order to aid in bringing outside recruitment efforts into the Fleet and the FSF on the whole.

Since Space Fleet has branched outside of it’s original focus on Star Trek and even Space Based simming, FSF Who and FSF Margo decided it would be time to look into a name change that they felt would bring more interest. After searching around the net they each came up with a short list of different possibilities and got together with Admin and discussed and agreed upon a new name. Due to the popularity around the internet of this theme, and in additional honor of former FCO FSF Hawg Space Fleet is being renamed to…


Effective immediately the Fleet name has been changed to Bacon Fleet, after a lot of hard work the website has been updated and you can also now visit the newly renamed Bacon Fleet at We look forward to the increased interest that this will provide and know that Bacon Fleet will provide a source of high quality gaming as well as a new feature coming in the near future of bacon-based recipes provided by the Hosts and members of Bacon Fleet. If you have any questions feel free to contact the Bacon Fleet FC.