USS Aquinas to Relaunch March 4th

The year is 2415, and the galaxy is in a state of turmoil. After 6 years of constant fighting, and no sign of victory on any side, the Romulans, Klingons, and the Federation signed a cease fire reigniting the hope for peace. With the Federation suffering heavy losses in the war, the Federation Council decided that a new group was needed in order to protect the Federation. This new group’s sole purpose would be to take on missions deemed too dangerous for other Federation Commanders or missions that required a sensitive touch. This group would become known as the Federation Joint Special Operations Command.

In response to the new group, Starfleet ordered that 35 ships be constructed and crewed in order to fulfill their obligations to the Federation. The first ship to be completed in the order was the USS Aquinas, an Odyssey class starship; equipped with experimental technology, the ship was designed to serve as a vessel of peace while maintaining the ability to wage war should the need arise.

Join FSF Cassiopeia and FSF Ward as they take the USS Aquinas out of Space Dock and Launch into a new Era.
Sim Time: 9 pm to 10 pm (EST) in AIM Chat Room “USS Aquinas” On Monday Evenings.

For more information, visit the Aquinas website.

February Trivia Master

Step out of the darkness and into the light with this months FSF Trivia Master game.What is more wholesome than a boy who grew up on a farm, ran on his high school track team, played Intramural soccer in his college years, and then grew into a man and ran the Warrior Dash? But he never forgot his roots, never forgot those he admired. How many people in our group can say they met Buzz Aldrin and had their picture taken with him? This month’s Trivia Master can claim all these things and more. FSF Falk is ready to take on the mob. Do you have what it takes to help the mob defeat him? Join us in the FSF IRC room, #FSF on February 22 at 9 pm Eastern time and find out!

Save The Dates!

Save the dates! Believe it or not, the Federation Sim Fleet is approaching an important and exciting milestone: 20 years of providing quality simming! Please join us for special events held during the weeklong celebration, which starts on March 3rd and goes through March 9th. Just a sample of what will be offered during this celebration event will be Open Sims, Open Chats, a round of FSF Trivia… with a twist, and a main event you won’t want to miss on the 9th. So keep an eye out for more announcements and remember to save the dates!

Forums changes

If you have been to our forums today then you may notice that they look different. We are working to improve the stability of our forums so we have cleared away all of the customizations that we had had in the past and have started fresh. Each week we will add back a feature that we had before but this will be a slow process so we have time to evaluate the forums for a week in between each update. We ask for your patience and your continued usage of the forums, everything is still accessible just as it was before, it might just a look a bit different. Thank you.