Live Chat with Star Trek Author Margaret Wander Bonanno

Starbase 118, a Star Trek PBEM site, is hosting a live chat with author Margaret Wander Bonanno as part of their creative writing sessions. Her work includes several Star Trek novels as well as the Preternatural series. This live chat will be hosted by Starbase 118’s staff and will take place from 3PM to 4:30PM US Eastern time on their IRC network, which can be accessed from their chat page for the event. You can respond to the Facebook event to follow along with any last minute updates, as well.

Can You Defeat the Darkness?

Dark times are stirring around the FSF Trivia. He has risen once more to claim your souls. Do you have what it takes to help the mob keep there souls, or will the grand high majestic evil one, for the evening, cloud the Questions? Will the taste of Lowell linger in your mouth or will you vanquish the demon once and for all?

Join us at FSF Trivia Master on January 25th at 9 pm eastern time, in the FSF IRC room, and find out if the darkness will prevail.

Calling All Outsiders!

We’re looking for anyone who hosts, games, RPGs whatevers outside FSF, whether currently or formerly! What makes your place to play so much fun? FSF MacKenzie wants to get your opinions and your ideas on how to make FSF better. Bring your idea’s to an open forum event this weekend; you might even leave with a few ideas. Who knows!

The chat is Sunday, January 13th at 7pm EST in the FSF’s IRC chat room. Everyone, including those not in the FSF, are welcome!