Wigs For Cancer Patients

Something About Human Hair Wigs

Wigs are an artificial arrangement for human hair loss as it helps to hide the bald patches. The idea of heat http://www.alicewigs.com/wigs/browse/synthetic-wigs.html resistant synthetic hair wigs came up in the mind of wig manufacturers when they saw that their customers were not happy about damaging their hair pieces while taking out the Thanksgiving turkey from the oven.

Other service providers for cancer patients include Y-Me National Breast Cancer Organization, Cheap Grey Wigs Online 2015 Crickett’s Answer for Cancer, Canadian Cancer Society, Duke Cancer Patient Support Program, Wigs for Kids, etc.

Therefore learn about the several different types of constructions in hairpiece caps of wigs for cancer patients that provide added benefits answering unique individual needs of some women whether you chose ultra light weight caps, monofilament caps, or special caps of wigs for cancer patients.

These wigs articles generally fall into three categories: Lace front wigs lace on the forehead, only the front edge of the wig and go on from the ear, on the one hand the wig on the other side of the ear.

Even though New Zealand holds the credit for being the first country to give women the right to vote in 1893, it was not until 1919 that women of New Zealand were permitted to run for the state legislature.

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SLA, FSF Member Passes

Sad news in the simming world. A member of the SLA who had joined the FSF briefly last year has passed away. Jeff Rist, known by many as Kerrigan Morgan, passed away on Tuesday, December 11, 2012. He was an active member of the Starfleet Legacy Alliance. Joining in 2008, he ended up becoming a member of at least six SLA simulations. He also served as the SLA’s Recruiting Chair for two years and was an active part of their Council.

In the spring of 2011, Jeff joined the FSF and became a member of the USS Providence. His passion for simming lead him to becoming a welcome member to the sim, though his stay was short. He also joined Stargate Command for a brief time before requesting an LOA due to real life obligations.

SLA’s Council Moderator, Tavey, gave some remarks regarding Jeff.

“He loved all kinds of simming, which is what made him such a networker and friends with so many people.”

Several members of the SLA have expressed their feelings on their message boards. His affect on their members no doubt echoes the impact he made on those he has simmed with during his life.

New Mobile Friendly Forum Option

For those of us that tend to view the Boards from our phones or other Mobile devices, this is a great day. The FSF has installed a Mobile Style for the Forums, that is set to be the default style for all mobile devices. This should make browsing the forums much easier from your phones or tablets or what every else you got that’s considered Mobile.

Be sure to thank FSF Tommy for his efforts in installing this wonderful new feature!

FSF: The Newsletter Issue 6 Released

The latest issue of FSF: The Newsletter has been released! This issue covers news of Star Wars Episode 7, Star Trek: The Next Generation turning 25, and a call to action for the FSF’s 20th anniversary!

You can find the newsletter in our file library.

If you’d like to contribute to FSF: The Newsletter, contact its editor, FSF MacKenzie.

Game Summary Winners: October, November 2012

Our game summary post this month is double the fun and simming excitement, as we announce the winners for October and November!

October’s winner is one of the FSF’s unique genre games, Circus of the Damned! Here is an excerpt from their game summary.

While Natalie was talking to Ying and Nefertiti, who arrived after Natalie and the police did, the two Chinese men were sitting in the patrol car; and before they were hauled off to the police station, a black, tinted Lincoln Town car slowly approached the car and fired upon the two Chinese men with an automatic gun, killing both men in the car. The car speed off before anyone could get the license plate number.

November’s winner is one of the FSF’s message board games, Star Trek: Project Origin!

Also in sickbay, the crew is dealing with another unexplained addition to the crew manifest. A man, who at first identified himself as “Batman”, then “Roberts” has mysteriously appeared in a cargo hold, single handedly taking out an entirely well trained security group who was on patrol. While he didn’t seriously injure or kill any of the crew, he did incapacitate them as he attempted to make is escape from the cargo bay. He was eventually cornered and surrendered himself into custody and was also taken to sickbay, as a high level phaser blast he took from a security team member simply “tickled”. Roberts claims to have no recollection of who he is or why he’s there. Just that he is in a lot of mental pain and he can escape from cuffs with amazing ease.

Congratulations to both sims!

[Edit: The October winner was mislabeled! The correct winner, Circus of the Damned, has been credited above.]