September 2012 Game Summary Winner

Each month, one game summary is chosen as the best game summary of the month. For September 2012, the winner is Star Trek: Eternity from Space Fleet! Congratulations to the Eternity! Read their winning summary below:

The dawn of a new episode brings the surviving crew of the lost Eternity six months into the future. Since that time, they have become hardened by the state of the now war torn Delta Quadrant following the resurgence of the Borg Collective. Hope, the salvaged Intrepid Class, has now become a well known mercenary ship backed by the wealthy, and Syndicate linked Jetan Remsen. The crew of Hope have pillaged, sought, and grown with the edge of survivability. But something dark, twisted, has turned the former Commander Colin Byrne who is now ruthless, uncaring. A monster.

Meanwhile, madness consumes Lieutenant Junior Grade Scott Orlan as the revelation is presented to him that his once best of friend, a Vulcan by the name of Gorik, isn’t real but a figment of his mind. With that, Scott has now lost all sense, barred in his quarters under constant watch by the ship’s counselor Janelle James while the chaos inside him tries desperately to make sense of it all; the walls covered in writing far advanced and far beyond the former Ops Officer’s limit.

Back at the Borderlands, former Second Officer Rick Barlow has made a name for himself as an engineer and fabricator, his work highly sought after. He has been consumed with the loss of Hmra Etal, trying to pick up the pieces that shattered six months ago. Reluctantly, he finds the remains of the Trent, Scott’s former designed runabout, and to this Barlow takes a point to return to Hope, though, garnering with a new, unexpected passenger. A Vulcan by the name of Tyvok who claims to have been one of the crew of the, thought lost, Hope.

With that, Rick and Tyvok leave the Borderlands on intercept of Hope.


Can You Beat This Month’s Trivia Master?

The FSF Trivia Master is taking on all challengers. Come, join the Mob, and see if you and your fellow FSF members can dethrone the Master. You’ll be asked FSF game trivia questions, FSF history questions and some Star Trek Canon questions. FSF Trivia Master will be playing once a month, the last Friday of each month. This month’s game date is Friday October 26th at 8pm EST in the FSF IRC room, #FSF. Your hosts for this event will be FSF Lynx and FSF Margo. Check out our thread on the forums if you want a sneak peek at who this month’s Trivia Master will be.

FSF: The Newsletter Issue 5 Released

The latest issue of FSF: The Newsletter has been released! Read an interview with FSF Who, as well as information about the new Star Trek movie that is to be released next year, plus other fun articles!

You can find the newsletter in our file library.

If you’d like to contribute to FSF: The Newsletter, contact its editor, FSF MacKenzie.