FSF: The Newsletter Issue 4 Released

We’re happy to announce the release of the fourth issue of FSF: The Newsletter. In this issue, find out more about the Star Trek: Project Origins sim as well as a thorough interview with FSF Margo, FSF’s Community Director.

Read this latest installment by downloading the PDF from the FSF File Library!

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2012 Shuni Awards This Friday

The date is fast approaching! The 2012 Annual Shuni Awards will be on Friday, September 7th, 2012. The ceremony will start at 9:00 PM EST, but there will be trivia and a cocktail hour beginning at 8:00 PM. Everyone is invited to join us in this celebration, where awards will be given to FSF Members, Hosts and Simulations covering a wide range of categories that everyone has an opportunity to select themselves.

Make sure the date and time are in your calendar. This is one event you don’t want to miss!

Longtime Sim USS Stargazer Retired

The USS Stargazer, a long time sim in the FSF, has come to its end. Several weeks ago, the sim finished its run after having been active for more than a decade. The game was the pride of FSF Truce, who recently stepped down as FSF XO.

The game itself was given a well deserved send off. And this doesn’t stop the adventure! The sim and crew were merged into the USS Deliverance game. The adventures of the Stargazer and its history will continue on with that sim.

I asked several people to give their thoughts about the end of the Stargazer and the merging of the sim into the Deliverance. FSF Dragon, longtime member Jonathan Harmon, had this to say:

The Stargazer… I’ve got some memories there. It was one of the first games I was on when I joined the FSF, and probably the game I really learned what I was doing on. Found my love for Security on that game, though it later evolved into love of Star Fleet Marine Corps sometime after that. I met a lot of my friends during my time there, and it’s probably one of the games I would probably still be on today if my schedule allowed me the luxury of Live games. I’ve never been good at speechifyin, but I can say that game has been here as long as I can remember, I’ve got many fond memories of my time there, of both the game, and the people on the game, and every time I don’t see it in the Monday night lineup, it’s gunna make me a little sad.

FSF Falk, host of the USS Deliverance, commented on this when asked about the situation:

The USS Stargazer, a venerable FSF sim, has retired. After over a decade of simming, the USS Stargazer, run by FSF Truce and FSF Wolf, has officially been retired from the Fleet. It was given a wonderful sendoff by the crew of the USS Deliverance, which the Stargazer has been merged into. It was a shining example of longevity, and a well run game, for many years. It will be missed, along with its hosts.

Were you ever a member of the USS Stargazer? Do you have fond memories of the game to share? Post them on this article thread.

August 2012 Game Summary Winner

Each month, one game summary is chosen as the best game summary of the month. For August 2012, the winner is Star Wars: Paragon from Space Fleet! Congratulations!

Read the beginning portion of their entry below:

A simple mission of escort and delivery turned into an adventure of enough sudden twists to put the Kessel Run to shame. The delivery man turned out to be the father of Paragon’s XO Joran Bragi, Magni Bragi who had been long thought dead. During the delivery Magni’s ship was attacked by an unknown group of marauders. Joran took several members of the crew to investigate and were also attacked, but they were saved by a mysterious Mandalorian they later discovered was named Kol Vizsla. The crew teamed up with Mandalorian security forces to investigate the attacks, discovering that the attackers were the Death Watch.