Open Sims Are Back With a Vengeance

Entry and participation is open to any and all. Be an Officer onboard a Federation Starship, or a Villain wanting to destroy it. Consider being an Agent in an Investigative Team or the Serial Murderer behind it all. A member of a StarGate Team, or you fancy Fantasy, being a Mage or Warrior in the upcoming fight against Drago the Destroyer? Is it the darkness you crave, the call of the Vampire, Werewolf, Witch or Warlock; or are you yerning to survive the zombie apocalypse? The Federation Sim Fleet has you covered. Nows your chance to get a taste of what this great community has to offer in convenient bite sized portions with up to an hour live games hosted by some of the most talented Hosts the FSF has to offer.

Get in on the action every Saturday starting at 8:00 P.M. EST on AIM chat room “FSF Lounge

Coming up this Saturday, a Star Trek Genre Sim hosted by FSF Bri and FSF Gabe

The U.S.S. Erickson, a Nebula Class Science Vessel, has disappeared beyond the Taylor Sector of Space. Its up to the Command and Crew of the Sovereign Class Mayborn to investigate it’s disappearance and to recover the information within the ship’s computer database on it’s recent research findings on the Balon Star collapse.

Like always, first come first call to service. Get in early and get the position you want to play. Game begins on Saturday August 4th, 2012 and it all starts at 8:00 P.M. EST on AIM chat room “FSF Lounge

FSF: The Newsletter – Issue 1 Released

The newest addition to the FSF community is here FSF: The Newsletter’s first issue has been released! This newsletter will be released twice a month (on the 1st and 15th of each month) and will showcase various articles, from interviews with members to word games.

The first edition PDF is available for download from our file library.

This newsletter is made possible from contributions from you! If you’d like to contribute an article, contact FSF MacKenzie.

Forum Signature Lengths

The rules for Signature Lengths are getting an overhaul. This should make it easier to both comply, as well as regulate. It also gives a little more space for signatures for those who need it, but the goal is still the same — to keep the forums from not being overwhelmed & slowed down from extensive signatures. So please review the new rules, and make sure your signature is compliant. If you have any questions, please feel free to email the Board Director(s)

Upcoming Event: First Person Fortnight, Hosted by Ongoing Worlds

Most of the writing done in simming and role-playing is in third person. But, for two weeks, we’re being encouraged to do it differently!

Ongoing Worlds is hosting a competition from July 8-22 focused exclusively on writing in the first person. During this two week event, writers and role-players will be encouraged to write a story from a first person perspective. This is the perfect opportunity to get inside the head of a character, to see the events around that person from a new point of view.

Writing submissions must be made to Ongoing Worlds by July 22nd to be considered for the competition. A panel of judges will review each entry and choose a winner, who will receive a limited edition coffee mug commissioned exclusively for First Person Fortnight.

For more information on how to participate, check out Ongoing Worlds’ post announcing the First Person Fortnight competition and the details of the competition here. You can also follow the event on Facebook.

Update: Previous Game Summary Winners

While monthly awards have been announced, the winners of the monthly Game Summary Award have not been. These have been decided and posted below.

Congratulations to the winners. The next winning Game Summary will be announced with June’s award posting later this week.

Award Winners – May 2012

Editor’s Note: Sorry these didn’t get posted last month. Instead of just posting these with June’s winners, it was felt these winners should be posted separately. June winners will be posted later this week.

Congratulations to the monthly award winners for May 2012!

Community Award: Firefly: Objects in Space
Fleet Activity Award: Space Fleet
Sim of the Month (June 2012): USS Stargazer (SFOL)

Guild of the Quarter Announced for Q2 2012

Congratulations to the Gaming Guild for being named Guild of the Quarter.

The Gaming Guild is home to topics covering gaming of all type. Learn about the latest games, give your thoughts on what is being released, and even watch videos of guild members playing some of your favorite games!

Check out the guild on the FSF message boards.

New Guild Sim – Star Trek: Dauntless

Four years have passed since the beginning of the war against the Romulans, and, during that time, United Earth and Starfleet have become the spearhead of the Coalition forces. Entire fleets have been decimated and planets have burned, but the Coalition has held firm. Even as Vulcan and Andorian forces have fallen back to resupply and regroup, Starfleet has filled those roles. It is a time of constant struggle and hardship, as Earth desperately tries to halt the Romulan advance and match their enemy’s technology. Both sides are rapidly approaching the breaking point of both men and machine, but both are still locked in conflict with no obvious victor. Dedicated to continuing the fight no matter the cost, Starfleet has recently finished production of its most advanced warship. The last of the NX-class, born in the fires of war, and carrying with it the resolve of an entire people: The Dauntless.

If you are interested in joining, please do not hesitate to contact FSF Dragon (Email or PM FSF Dragon), join via the FSF website (Link), or contacting the Guild Director FSF Ward (Email) for any assistance!