New Community and Communications Directors Announced

As the FSF continues to make changes among its staff, two more changes have been announced.

First, FSF Josh has taken over the Communications Director position. This position was previously held by FSF Nefarious up until his retirement and was temporarily being covered by FSF Josh. He now is holding this position as the official Communications Director, overseeing the FSF’s external communications, public information, and social media accounts.

Replacing him as Community Director is FSF Margo. Margo, who has been a long time member, host, and has experience in many areas of the FSF, will be taking this position officially. Her friendly personality, along with her latest podcast hit, no doubt will contribute to her serving well in this capacity.

Special Event: Super Awesome Margo Show!

Live! Monday, June 25, 2012, The “SUPER Awesome Margo Show!” will be broadcast live on the internet! For one full hour, FSF Margo will be playing music and interacting with everyone who joins her in the Ten Forward chat room, starting at 9pm EST. So come be part of the show, listen to great music and enjoying random events as anything can happen when the show is live!

FSF Bri Named Epsilon Fleet XO

We are delighted to announce today that FSF Bri has been assigned to the position of Epsilon Fleet Executive Officer. FSF Bri is a long-time FSF host, and is mostly known for hosting the USS Akira simulation, being a very active participant on the FSF Community and being the FSF Awards Director.

Bri comes to Epsilon with a lot of simming experience, new ideas and motivation, please join us in welcoming him to Epsilon! He is filling the position recently opened up with the latest administrative changes and promotions.

Good luck Bri!

New Sim: USS Ghost Rider

The year is 2395 and the galaxy is in chaos. For years, Starfleet has been aware of at least two universes; the prime universe, and the so called “Mirror Universe,” discovered by Captain James T. Kirk and the original U.S.S Enterprise in 2267. Now, the barrier separating the two universes has been destroyed and ships from the so called “Terran Empire” have taken over much of the Federation. What remains of Starfleet has been forced beyond Klingon space, and the Federation has formed an alliance with the Klingon Empire.

Amid the chaos, a ship, known as the USS Ghost Rider was discovered, which had been hidden away because of the technology it possesses. That ship, and its technology may be Starfleet and the Federation’s best hope for survival against the Terran Empire and its invasion fleet. With Fleet Commander Jonathan “Dragon” Abaddon at the helm and a team of engineers, tactical officers and marines the Ghost Rider has been attempting to turn the tide in the war against the Terran Empire, and they need YOU to join the fight!

The Ghost Rider, which was formed as a guild sim, has recently been made a MB game in FSF’s Alpha Fleet. It is led by two of FSF’s newest hosts, FSF Dragon & FSF Lynx who can be reached at and for more information. You can also check out their website. Check out the FSF’s newest, and one of its more unique games!