T-Shirt Design Challenge and Weight Loss Challenge Update

The Healthy Living Guild is sponsoring a T-Shirt Design Challenge. You would be designing a T-shirt that would be given to each of participants that complete one of the Weight Loss Challenges throughout this year. Your design should include the new name of the challenge, “Simming Fit”, in the design. It should also be designed to go over a black or grey shirt. Please indicate the shirt color when submitting your picture. You may include the year, and the words “Challenge” as well as either “FSF”, “Federation Sim Fleet”, “Healthy Living Guild”, and “HLG” but none of theses are required for the design. Designs should be submitted by July 9th in File Libraries> Pictures & Photos and contain the title “2012 WLC T-Shirt”. The winning design will be chosen by a panel of judges and the winner shall recieve a $10 Gift Certificate to an Online Retailer of your choice. If you have any questions please contact FSF Who with any questions.

In other news, as indicated in the paragraph above the Weight Loss Challenge has changed names to better fit its focus and goals. It is now known as the “Simming Fit” Challenge. Furthermore, at the conclusion of the current “Spring” Challenge on June 4th, a new “Summer” Challenge will begin. Past, present, and new participants are welcome to join. For full details visit The Simming Fit Challenge Thread or contact FSF Who.

Epsilon Fleet announces Change in Command Ceremony

Epsilon Fleet Command announces today that a Change in Command ceremony will be held on Friday, June 1st, 2012. FSF Titan, Commanding Officer of Epsilon for a month shy of 12 years, has been appointed as the new FSF Executive Officer, as such he will step down from his duties in Epsilon Fleet. FSF Tommy, Epsilon’s Executive Officer will become the Commanding Officer.

The ceremony will take place on IRC in room #FSF at 9PM, and will include a trivia competition, open chat, history overview, stories and of course the Change in Command ceremony itself. Join us to a one of a kind event, we promise you’ll enjoy and learn about our history.

New Guild Sim: The Dead Fall

From Gabriel “The Writer” Logan (Star Trek Eternity) comes The Dead Fall, a Play by Post Zombie Survival Horror Sim.  The story follows a collection of survivors as they come to grips with the catastrophe around, a world changed forever by the living dead.  Survival becomes paramount as hopelessness and struggle surround everyday life.  While many choose to face this with some semblance of humanity, others have foregone their previous ties and become nothing more than bandits, raiders, constructs of mankind’s deepest moral ambiguity scrapping to find a place in this new world of horror.

Following an Episodic/Season outline, The Dead Fall begins with Season 1’s breakout premiere, “Reckoning Day” Alliances will be made, inter-character conflicts will resound, and a shocking revelation will be revealed that questions the very fabric of existence.

The Dead Fall begins May 14, 2012

If you are interested in joining, please do not hesitate to contact Gabriel Logan (email or PM The Writer) Dan Thompson (email or PM sail3695), join via the FSF website, or contacting the Guild Director FSF Ward(Email) for any assistance!

Check out the Recruitment and Advertisement for further information:


FSF Falk Named Chief of Operations

The newest administrative position, Chief of Operations, has been filled by FSF Falk.

The position, created to assist the FSF CO and XO positions in overseeing group administration, was initially held by FSF Titan. Since FSF Titan’s recent promotion to FSF XO, the position had been left open.

FSF Falk has been a member of Fleet Command for several years, serving as Omega Fleet CO and, with fleet consolidation last year, has served as Delta Fleet CO for over a year.

Monthly Award Catch-Up

With a recent transition of Communications Director, the monthly posting of award winners has been neglected. Want to know who has won community awards from the past few months? Wonder no more!

Community Award:

  • April 2012 – USS Firewall
  • March 2012 – Star Trek: Project Origin
  • February 2012 – Stargate Command
  • January 2012 – USS Firewall, USS Akira (tie)
  • December 2011 – Star Trek: Andromeda

Fleet Activity Award

  • April 2012 – Space Fleet
  • March 2012 – Space Fleet
  • Febraury 2012 – Delta Fleet
  • January 2012 – Delta Fleet
  • December 2011 – Delta Fleet

Sim of the Month

  • May 2012 – Star Wars: Paragon
  • April 2012 – Star Trek: Project Origin
  • March 2012 – Starfleet Delta
  • February 2012 – USS Cadecus
  • January 2012 – Star Trek: Andromeda
  • December 2011 – Star Trek: Aquarius

Guild of the Quarter

  • Q1 2012 – USS Ghost Rider

UPDATED (May 9): Added in Guild of the Quarter winner.


2012 SciWorld Online Convention

It’s that time of year, and its coming fast! The 2012 SciWorld Online Convention is next week! Make sure to keep your schedule open if you wish to attend.

SciWorld Online Convention (or SWOC) is an annual online simming convention, sponsored by Ongoing Worlds. It features sims, games, and discussions on various topics. Events are held in one hour sessions. SWOC is open to all people, catering to those that are interested in role playing. As such, all simmers and role-players, regardless of rank or club affiliation, are free to attend any and all events.

This year’s event will be held May 10-12, 2012. Check the schedule of events to see which topics will be discussed this year.

FSF Titan Named FSF XO

Longtime FSF member and host FSF Titan has been named FSF XO one month after FSF Truce stepped down from the position.

Titan, who has served on Fleet Command for many years and is current Epsilon Fleet CO, was holding the relatively new Chief of Operations position before this appointment. That position will be filled at a later date.

He will continue to hold his position as Epsilon Fleet CO until the full transition to FSF XO.