Federation Sim Fleet Moves to New Domain Name

Recent changes have now been made as the Federation Sim Fleet moves to a new domain name.

The FSF has long been identified with the domain name SB254.com. However, that domain name has a strong Star Trek overtone. As Star Trek is only one genre of gaming that can be found in the FSF, a more encompassing domain name was preferred. Thus, the FSF’s new domain is now Simming.Net.

SB254.com will continue to point people to the main FSF website. However, in the future, it will be used to direct people to the FSF’s Star Trek games, much like StargateGames.com points to the FSF’s Stargate offering.

Email addresses for hosts and staff will now be @Simming.Net, though @SB254.com will still work for the foreseeable future.

With this change, the FSF’s social media presence has also changed. Be sure to stay up to date with the new Twitter handle and the brand new Facebook Page.

Fleet Awards Ceremony 2012

We would like to thank everyone who attended the 2012 Fleet Awards Ceremony, the evening was a huge success. Every fleet presented it’s awards and we had a great turnout this year, the log can be found here.

In addition to the Fleet Awards, two Group Wide awards were given by the FSF Administration in the ceremony.

J’Dan Medal of Valor
Awarded to FSF Katana, a very talented and appreciated FSF Host, who has passed away on March 26th, 2011. Katana has performed many host roles, including the USS Atlantis and USS Hornet, and has been active community member, he was also Epsilon Fleet’s Second Officer. The award was given to his son, FSF Merlin.

Arya ap Sha’nyn Medal of Merit
This award has been given to FSF Nefarious, an FSF Host, Communications Director and Space Fleet XO. Nefarious retired from the FSF job earlier this year, he has done a lot for the FSF and greatly affected the group’s image in the past five years.

For the first time ever two Gift Cards were given in the ceremony, two names were drawn randomly:

The 50$ gift card was awarded to TaMa, member of the Starfleet Delta, USS Hornet, USS Cadecus, ISS Tyranny, Starbase 35.
The 25$ gift card was awarded to FSF Margo, host of Star Trek: Andromeda and Star Trek: Project Origin.

Congratulations to all the winners, stay tuned and visit us next year!

Long Time FSF XO, FSF Truce, announces retirement

Jay Truce, longtime FSF Executive Officer has announced his retirement from the FSF Administration. FSF Truce will remain with the group in an advisory role.

Jay was the former host to the very successful USS Stargazer and later the spin-off USS Stargazer: After Dark. Jay also commanded the FSF Delta Fleet prior to ascending to his role as FSF XO.

During his time as the FSF XO he represented the FSF as our Simming League representative, rising there to being the President of the Simming League.

Jay’s legacy throughout the FSF has been immense and while we are all sad to see his retirement we are joyful that he will stay around with us in an advisory role. Jay will send out a personal message within the next few days.

Represent the FSF and win free ticket to Shore Leave 34

The FSF is looking for eager representatives to help promote the FSF in the upcoming Shore Leave 34.

Shore Leave is an yearly fan based Star Trek convention for Trek lovers and this year the convention will be held between August 3rd-5th near Baltimore, MD. Shore Leave includes a lot of different events and it is your chance to meet your favorite idols. More information about the convention can be found here http://www.shore-leave.com/

This year we are giving away two tickets to Shore Leave including flight expenses within the US and full hotel coverage. What the trick is you ask? We need YOU to help us promote the FSF throughout the convention, including manning the FSF table and assisting with advertisement.

Think you have what it takes to be the FSF’s ambassador to Shore Leave? Reply on the boards (click here) and tell us why you deserve to be one of the two lucky people.

The winners will be selected in a week.