FSF Trivia Night Returns

Trivia nights have dated back to the stone age, with early man gathering around a fire to test their science fiction knowledge against friends; competing for honour, respect and the choice cuts of dinosaur meat! Now, in this the oldest of traditions, we revive our trivia evenings with a bang starting this Wednesday at 7:30pm Eastern! This isn’t a set in stone date and will act as more of a test case for future evenings but there will be trivia and hopefully some cake!

Dress casual (Though please, do dress) and bring your friends as we compete with a General Science fiction Quiz that will last one hour!

Wednesday, 7:30pm Eastern, in the FSF’s own IRC chat room named “FSF” so get in early, book your seats for the best location and don’t miss out!

Questions or queries can be directed to FSF Bourne directly, through either the message boards, on AIM or email.

The Healthy Living Guild Presents: The 2012 FSF Weight Loss Challenge

2012 FSF Weight Loss Challenge

The Healthy Living Guild (HLG) is a group of FSF Players and hosts that have gathered together out of concern of their health as well as the health of the FSF Community at large. In an effort to help the FSF become healthier the HLG is hosting a Fleetwide event.

This event is a Weight Loss Challenge being run in a situation similar to the hit weight loss TV series where the HLG will be tracking participants progress and giving points each week during check in sessions.

The challenge will be open to all members of the FSF.

The 2012 FSF Weight Loss Challenge will start on Monday, March 5th and will complete on Monday, June 4th. Participants will perform weekly check in summaries as well as keep a daily log of their diet and exercise, with points awarded each week depending upon their activity and weight loss. The HLG hopes to create a supportive atmosphere where people will help each other when they stumble, as well as create good conversation about what is working and what isn’t for each individual.

Details about the event can be found on the Healthy Living Guild Forums in a post located here. If you’re interested in signing up for the challenge or have any questions you can contact FSF Who or visit the discussion thread.

In addition to the Challenge there will be a design contest. Along the same lines as past Shore Leave contests there will be a contest also running until June 4th for a T-Shirt design contest. The design should look good on either a Light Colored or Black T-Shirt (please specify) and contain either the words “FSF Weight Loss Challenge” or “Healthy Living Weight Loss Challenge” as wall as the year “2012” . The intention is for each participant to receive a shirt with the winning design, if you would like you may also submit a separate design for the winner of the Weight Loss Challenge as we may provide a separate design for the final winner.

Designs should be submitted to the usual place, File Libraries> Pictures & Photos and contain “2012 WLC” in the title. The final design for the main shirt will be chosen by the contest judges. If enough designs are submitted for the Challenge Winner design, the Judges will pick 3 finalists and the final design will be chosen by the Challenge Winner, unless they decline to do so, at which point the Judges will make the final call.

Further details about the Design Contest will be forthcoming after the Weight Loss Challenge has begun.