Spotlight: Star Trek Eternity

Back in November, I was able to sit down with Gabe, creator of the guild sim Star Trek: Eternity. He was able to share some insights into his game, one of the recent winners in the 2011 Tournament of Simulations for Most Creative Message Board Sim.

Who are you?

My name is Gabriel Logan. I write under the Screen Name, The Writer (I know, very original), in the Federation Sim Fleet Group; and, I’m the creator and co-moderator/writer for Star Trek Eternity.

Star Trek Eternity?

Star Trek Eternity currently functions as a Guild Sim; we haven’t yet made the move to the official ranks of the FSF. Whether that is for lack of trying, not knowing the steps, or sheer fear that it would change the dynamics of the game, it’s all still very debatable. The game runs under the Play By Message Board Mechanic and it’s situated, chronologically, very much like a sitcom; a collection of Episodes that make up a Season. The Story of Star Trek Eternity continues the Prime TNG Timeline after the fall of the Romulan Star Empire and bridges the gap between Star Trek Countdown and the Universe shown in Star Trek Online. Of course, the core of the story is based on what people have coined, “Star Trek, according to Gabe Logan,” which basically means that it involves a lot more darker and intense themes outside the realm depicted in the television or movies the genre is based off of. Inter-character conflicts, subjective dynamic stories, a fast pace plot, and an over-arch story are all onboard here and its produced some great collaboration and creativity.

Currently we are in our Season 2 on the 3rd episode entitled, “Home.”

How does it feel having won in the 2011 Tournament of Sims?

Like a wonderful accomplishment. It’s definitely something to feel good about especially when your just a little Guild Sim starting out in the great big world of Simming going up against some top games in the community. I think it shows true accomplishment for both the moderators and the membership of collective writers that we showcase.

As the winner of the “Most Creative Sim” title, how do you feel the Eternity and its players helped to achieve this recognition?

Any success the sim yields is absolutely a product of Eternity’s players. Dan and I (Dan Thompson, my partner in crime) might have laid the groundwork for a Season’s sim plot, but its the collection of talented writers that run with it, challenge it, and even change it at the drop of a hat and each and every time I’m amazed at what has transpired on the boards while I was away (what little I am 😀 ). It certainly keeps the game fun to play in and produces a lot of collaboration back and forth. In that collaboration I think is where the Creativity comes into the Eternity and has really led to some great moments within the story.

Did you expect to win when entering into ToS?

Not even remotely :D. It was actually a bit of a debate whether or not a Guild Sim could enter the tournament, and my hat is really off to Chas in giving the Eternity a chance. Honestly my whole idea behind entering the tournament was just to get the sim’s name out there, perhaps help with recruitment a little. I expected to crash and burn, but still be a contender; much like I felt with the Shuni Awards, surprised as hell when we won Sim Plot of the Year for our Season 1. I guess I constantly underestimate the sim’s presence. Its hard to view a game your involved with heavily from the perspective of the rest of the community; never knowing really how you stack up with them. Its nice to have the recognition on something your already quite proud of.

How important is creativity to you and your game?

I think creativity is a byproduct of what we do here, its not something we strive for or force. Creativity sort of just…, happens. I would say that I hold some importance to it and due to that I never turn down an idea that might come across the table. Each and every idea, whether it be from myself, Dan, or any number of talented writers we have in the sim always makes it into the game one way or the other. I think the key here is to be openly acceptable to any notions or ideas and not be linear in your thinking. I can’t tell you how many times I had one idea and someone else came up with a better one. Perhaps in that fashion, the Eternity is creative.

The Star Trek: Eternity game can be found on the FSF Message Boards, at their website, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

Lindsey Johnson (1975 – 2011)

Lindsey Johnson, once known by her host name FSF Linds, passed away last Saturday from a heart attack at the age of 36. Lindsey had been quite active in the group and community, having three characters in the FSF at the time of her passing, and formerly hosted the Dark Falls simuation.

The FSF extends its most sincere condolences to her family and friends. Feel free to share your memories and condolences in this forum thread.