2011 Shuni Award’s Date Announced

Prepare yourself! The final date for the Shuni Awards Ceremony has been set for August 5, 2011.

We invite everyone to join us in this evening of celebration, where awards will be given to FSF Members, Host and Simulations, in different categories about events that have occurred in this passing year.

The ceremony will begin at 8:30PM EST, pre-ceremony events will be announced soon!

Mark your calendars and be sure to join us in the most shiny night the FSF has ever experienced, as we reveal the results of the Shuni Awards 2011!

Nominations threads for the awards will remain open till Sunday, July 31st. Be sure to check them here: http://forums.sb254.com/viewforum.php?f=514

Lensman Joins Fleet Command, Delta Fleet XO

Delta Fleet, one of the FSF’s oldest fleets, has undergone a recent command change. FSF Lensman has been voted in as the new Fleet XO, replacing FSF Bourne. This position assists the Fleet CO with managing the fleet and is also the primary recruiter for the fleet’s games.

For years, Delta Fleet was run by FSF Josh. Earlier in 2011, FSF Falk took over as Fleet XO when Josh stepped down to focus on community responsibilities. Now, FSF Lensman joins the team, replacing FSF Bourne, who has worked hard as Fleet XO for some time.

FSF Falk, Delta Fleet’s Commanding Officer, had this to say regarding Lensman’s appointment as Fleet XO.

FSF Lensman has joined the Delta Fleet Fleet Command as the Executive Officer. He brings many years of experience to the position, as well as a love of simming, especially the people. We look forward to having him assist in the many facets of fleet command! Welcome to the team, FSF Lensman!

When asked about his appointment, Lensman had this to say: “Glad to be on the team and looking forward to working with Fleet Command!”

This recent appointment brings about a new beginning for Delta Fleet, home to several of the FSF’s long lasting games.

Shore Leave, Day 2

It’s day two, and we already have a fresh update from FSF Falk, who is attending this year (along with other FSF staff and members).

FSF Shoreleave on Day 2 is under way! The crew is slowly waking up for an action filled day of registering for the convention tomorrow (highlights include Christopher Judge, John DeLancie, Cliff Simon, and Trisha Helfer), eating at Outback Steakhouse for the traditional dinner, and a whole host of other things! Keep an eye on the DeltaFleet twitter feed and the wordpress site! Watch the live action by going to http://shoreleave.sb254.com


Guild Sim Eternity to Hold Awards Ceremony

The guild sim Star Trek: Eternity has just completed it’s first season storyline. This weekend, the game’s GMs will be holding an award ceremony for the guild sim, giving recognition to the fine writers and characters of their guild sim.

Their awards ceremony will be held on the FSF’s IRC network in the #STEternity channel. Those wishing to chat via the site may do so via the FSF’s chat widget. The awards are at 3:00 PM US Eastern time on Saturday, July 9th, 2011.

For more information about the Eternity, check out their site or their game forums.

Interview: FSF Ward

One of the newest individuals hired as a host in the Federation Sim Fleet is FSF Ward. FSF Josh had the pleasure of interviewing the latest addition to the hosting staff.

Q: What first attracted you to simming?

A: Honestly I found simming while looking for a new MUD (Multi-user dungeon) to play. I actually didn’t stumble upon the FSF first I came across some small group that I can’t even remember the name of. They had been a mud but had moved on to more freedom in their roleplaying.

Q: Why did you become a host?

A: I’ve always loved simming and the FSF has been my home for the last few years. I’ve come back time and time again because I love the people here and I wanted to give back for everything they have given me.

Q: Who has been your role model as you’ve worked towards becoming a host?

A: There isn’t just one person I could list here, but the person who sticks out the most is probably FSF Bri… now let’s take a moment because you all have strange looks on your face after reading that… alright now we move on… As some people know I play Lt. Commander Michael Ward on the USS Akira as her CENG. Well going back over a year ago now the USS Akira was hurt bad due to inactivity and other issues which plagued the crew. Bri, along with the wonderful players who now staff Akira, brought her back from sure deletion from the FSF. While the crew played a major role in Akira coming back it took dedication from Bri to bring her back and I look up to him for that… But if Bri sees this I will defiantly catch some flak for it because that’s what he enjoys doing.

Q: How did you first encounter the FSF?

A: I stumbled upon the FSF after about a couple months in the other fleet. I was searching the web about more on simming and never expected to find a home, but I sure did here in the FSF.

Q: What is your favorite sci-fi series? Character?

A: Now here is a question… I play Star Trek Roleplaying games on AIM three times a week… I do love some Trek. And not just one kind of Trek, I love it all. Would have to say it’s a tie between Sisko and Picard. I like both of them and you can’t make me choose between the two favorites it shall be.

Q: If you could live in any place or time, what would you choose and why?

A: I would say I wouldn’t want to live in any time but right now. Not because of what’s going on in the world but because of the people I’ve met. While the world in general is evil it is filled with good people who have seen me through a lot. Some of those people are in this group and when you read this you will know exactly who you are. So I wouldn’t want to live in any other time.

I don’t really have anything else to say besides just thank you to everyone who works so hard every day in making the FSF the great place it is, and thanks to FSF Josh for giving me this opportunity. See you all around and good simming.