The FSF Mourns the loss of Bob Howard, a.k.a FSF Katana

We are deeply saddened today to inform you of the passing of one of our finest, Bob Howard, mostly known throughout the group as FSF Katana, he passed away yesterday morning, March 26th, 2011.

Bob was a dear member of the Federation Sim Fleet, joining in the beginning of 2006, and soon after in August of 2006 he became a host. He took upon himself many challenges, and has been widely known for playing a large variety of characters on many simulations.
Katana was instrumental in bringing several simulations out of hiatus and bringing them back as strong Games in the FSF. Due to his dedication to FSF and Epsilon Fleet, he was also promoted to the Position of Epsilon Fleet’s Second Officer.

Many throughout the FSF had the honor of calling Katana a friend, as he was an enthusiast of the Message Board community and participated in many of the different FSF events.

FSF Merlin, the son of FSF Katana, wrote the following late last night on the forums:

“To all members of FSF,

For those who had the privilege of knowing and simming with FSF Katana. Unfortunately, he has passed. He made his exit from the stage of life on March 26, 2011 approximately 0900 Arizona time. He went peacefully, I was with him as last rights were being administered. I personally will miss him as Captain Gordon Roberts and his many characters that he portrayed.

For those of you who do not know, he was my father and most of all my friend I will miss him dearly.

Katana was instrumental in getting me involved with this fine group.

Just so that everyone knows, he was not only my parent and mentor, he was a Celtic Catholic Priest with that being said he left these earthly bounds happy, in touch with who his maker was and unafraid of what was coming. He actually welcomed the solace.

All I ask of the members is to take a few moments of silence and remembrance.

May the universe shine upon your endeavors.
May the universe be with each and every one here in the FSF

Thank you,

The FSF grieves today over the loss of FSF Katana, and sends it’s prayers to his family. May he rest in peace.