2011 Fleet Awards Ceremony date announced: January 28th

2011 Fleet Awards Ceremony date announced: January 28th, 2011

Mark your calendars! The FSF”s 2011 Fleet Awards Ceremony will be held on Friday, January 28th at 09:00 PM EST. This year”s ceremony will be held on the FSF”s IRC Network, and will include several community events prior and after the main ceremony that will be held at 9PM.

More information on the ceremony will be revealed in the upcoming weeks… stay tuned and be sure to free your evening on the 28th to take part of one of our greatest nights of the year!

Free up Friday Night, it’s the FSF’s Fleet Awards Ceremony

The FSF’s annual Fleet Awards Ceremony is this upcoming Friday, January 28th.
Join us to one of the best nights of the year as Fleet Command members give recognition to members of their fleet for their participation over the past year.
This year awards will include a LIVE chat feed with some of your favorite hosts and players.
Pre-ceremony events begin at 8PM EST and will include a run through the FSF history with some of FSF’s most veteran hosts, as well as an incredible trivia game!
The pre-ceremony events and the event itself will take place on the FSF’s IRC Server, you can use your favorite IRC software (irc.sb254.com/#FSF) or use the FSF Web Chat.
For more information, visit the Fleet Awards Ceremony 2011 page.
Looking forward to seeing you there!