New Guild Sim: Star Trek Eternity

Star Trek Eternity follows the adventures of the NX-91001 U.S.S. Eternity, set in the Star Trek canon universe following the events of Star Trek Countdown, continuing the Prime Next Generation Timeline; a dynamic voyage, transpiring in an episodic/seasonal chronology of an ever changing, muli-avenue, driven and epic story. Written and hosted by Gabriel “The Writer” Logan.

Season one begins a year later after the Hobus Star is quelled from going nova by Ambassador Spock. In the year 2388, the Romulan Star Empire is no more. Efforts are being laid to give aid to the survivors of the devastation by the Federation despite the tension growing between themselves and the Klingon Empire who is held bent on laying stake to the now uncharted region of space: Section 84, “The Fringe.” Within the watchful eye of Ambassador Jean-Luc Picard, the U.S.S. Eternity, a Sovereign Class Vessel, commanded by James Maxwell becomes one of three vessels charged with exploration and policing of the Fringe along with the Enterprise-E and the Lunar Class Vessel, Titan; returning friends unite against the last remnants of Romulus, the, “Followers of Nero,” as the countdown ends.

If you are interested in joining please do not hesitate to contact Gabriel via a message board PM (Message Board username: The Writer), joining via the FSF website or contacting the Guild Director FSF Bourne( for any assistance!