Shuni Awards Date

It’s been determined! After discussing with members of the community and those that will be running the Shuni’s, the final date has been chosen!

Mark your calendars! The Shuni’s will be:

Time: Friday, August 20th, 2010 @ 9:00 PM Eastern
Location: #FSF

All are encouraged to come at 8:00 PM for a pre-awards chat. We not only will be having an open chat room with trivia and discussions, but there will also be a LIVE video pre-awards ceremony! (The link will provided shortly.) Listen in as each award will be discussed, as well as several special guests who will call in via Skype to provide their insights and answer listener questions. Plus, others will be able to call in via Skype and add their own thoughts and comments to the Shunis. Then, during the actual ceremony, follow the live video feed as the Shuni Award coverage will continue during the event.

We hope to see all of you there next week! Be sure to invite your friends!

Congratulations to FSF Titan

Congratulations go to Joe Ferguson, better known as FSF Titan, who is celebrating his 10th Year Anniversary as Commanding Officer of Epsilon Fleet, Joe who is a long time FSF Host, has served over the years in many different Administrative & Hosting positions is currently the second most veteran host and the most veteran member of Fleet Command, and has over the years brought success to Epsilon Fleet and made it a leading fleet within the FSF. His longtime contribution to both the FSF and Epsilon Fleet is very appreciated.