Torchwood: United Front

2010 A.D. – New York City.

After savage attacks from alien forces such as the Daleks, Cybermen, and the 456, the human race is brutally aware that they are no longer alone in the universe. Aliens and their technology have almost become something that”s a part of every day life. Not every threat is major, some are just alien thugs or humans mis-using alien technology. The Earth can”t always depend on the Doctor or UNIT to save the day. Thankfully Queen Victoria realized this need and founded the Torchwood Institute in 1879. To aid in the defense against the aliens Torchwood has expanded outside of England, opening Torchwood Five in New York City. They are the final defense for the everday man against the ignored dangers posed by the alien menace.

Torchwood:United Front is based on Torchwood, a spinoff of the popular Doctor Who television series, after the thirlling events in Children of Earth (Torchwood) and The Stolen Earth (Doctor Who). It is a board based simulation in Epsilon Fleet and is hosted by FSF Metalhead and FSF Who. If you want to find out more about this wonderful game feel free to visit our website located at or send an email to or

FSF Launches New Help Site

The FSF is launching our official help site: It should be used for “All things technical” around the FSF; it’s main purpose will be to report down time information in the event that the FSF Site or forums are down.

The help site will also also be used as a quick location for reporting issues, checking the status of our different systems, from gmail, to our forums, and even our own mailing lists.

There are also troubleshooting pages for the ams, forums, email, ftp accounts, irc, just about everything.So stop by and check it out!

Watercooler Feature: Ask the Admins

Have you ever wanted to ask one of the Admins a burning question? Have you ever wanted to find out what exactly is a Shuni Bear? Here’s your chance!

As part of reoccurring section of the brand new FSF Newsblog, the Watercooler, FSF CO Jonathan Shuni and FSF XO Jay Truce will be taking your questions and responding to them.

Just follow the below link and fill out a comment and they will respond. You can login in to leave a comment with a registered name using either a Disqus ID or using OpenID. Be sure to you check out the rest of the Watercooler while you’re there.

New Sim: Starfleet Academy

Test your abilities and see if you have what it takes to become a Starfleet Officer. If you’re looking to challenge yourself creatively and have some fun while doing it, this is the place for you!

The Academy is a weekly one-hour standalone simulation for current members who want to have some fun without weekly plot progression or brush up their simming skills, as well as new members looking to learn the ropes of chat simming. Positions will be filled each week as people arrive and each week the plot will be different. Let the adventure begin!

Launching April 18th

Spring 2010 Recruiting Contest

Spring is in the air and along with flowers and trees blooming, we’re looking to have FSF membership bloom too. To help incorporate new members into the fold, we have devised a little competition, with a very tangible reward for winning. The contest is simple enough. Everyone, from players to Fleet Command, goes out and tries to recruit a new member to join their game. We are looking for at least 30 new members to join a game, any game, by the end of June. That’s as easy as 10 players a month! If that simple goal can be reached, we will combine three things that we believe to be the most awesome things in the world: Shore Leave, Live Web Cam access, and a pie.

That’s right! If the FSF can recruit 30 new members in 3 months to join our games, someone who is going to Shore Leave will take a pie in the face, live on the web cam for everyone to witness. Some who are going to the event this year have graciously volunteered to be put on a poll for you, the FSF, to vote for. The winner of the poll will be the one to take the pie in the face!

Here are the rules:

-Thirty new members must submit an application by the end of June.

-The new members MUST list a current, active member on the referral section of the application.

-The new members MUST join a game and participate.

Simple! So get out there and start asking your fellow Trek fans if they’re interested in checking out what the Federation Sim Fleet has to offer. Don’t forget to vote for who you want to see take a pie in the face!

The vote is at:

FSF Switches over to Mibbit

The FSF IRC Team is proud to present the Mibbit Web IRC Client, Mibbit is a web interface IRC client that is very easy to use and a lot faster than the previous Java IRC Applet.

Mibbit requires no pre-install and can be used from about any where with a browser (including PC, Mac, Mobile Phones, iPhone, etc). All you need to do in order to start is click here, choose a nickname and enter our IRC Network and start to chat!

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact FSF Josh or FSF Tommy through the Staff page.

Looking forward to see you joining us on IRC!

Welcome to the Water Cooler!

After a long hiatus, FSF Communications is pleased to re-launch our newsletter as a newsblog. The aim of Water Cooler is very simple: to keep players and hosts informed about what’s buzzing in the fleet.

If you have questions or comments, you can post them here or send them to


FSF Announces Membership Fees Program

Due to low ad revenue from Google Ad Sense, FSF Administration has announced that starting April 31, 2010 members will be required to make a mandatory five dollar donate per year.

Members will be able to use a MyDonate tool being built into AMS. After April 31, 2010, the first log-in will require users donate in order to continue using the site. Those members who do not make the donation by June 31, 2010 will have their memberships revoked.

If you have questions or comments, you should forward them to : FSF CO, Jonathan Shuni.