T-Shirt Contest

Hello everyone! It’s now 2010 and with the new year means another trip to Shore Leave 32 in Baltimore is coming up. As with the past two years, we’re having a design contest to have one of YOU, our very talented FSF members, create the design that will be used for our ’10 t-shirts. The contest is open to anyone in FSF, be it player or host, to submit a design. The winner will recieve a t-shirt with their design as well, even if they don”t go to Shore Leave. Here are the contest rules:

1. Must have Federation Sim Fleet and the website (www.sb254.com) in the design

2. Must be submitted by 11:59pm EST on the 15th of April

3. Color of the t-shirt itself will be either dark blue or black, so design around that background color

To have a chance to win, just upload your design to the Pictures and Photos section of the File Libraries. http://www.sb254.com/library.php?id=668