USS Firewall Re-Boot

Stardate 64390.1, the date the face of the entire Alpha Quadrant changed. The wake of the devastating supernova and loss of Romulus and Remus, has left the Romulan Star Empire in absolute ruin. Some small factions of the Romulan military and the Tal’Shiar have banded together to form the Legion of D’Spal, vowing revenge against the ones that have destroyed the Empire. As the terrorist cells begin their campaign along the Neutral Zone, many Romulan refugees have crossed into Federation Space by the hundreds of thousands in search, for a new beginning to rebuild their once proud race.

Within months, the Klingon Empire has begun the systematic removal of Romulan refugees for their territory starting with the Planet Khitomer. The Federation strongly opposed this sort of action but, with the Romulans’ current state, there is little the Federation, or the other alien governments could do. It seemed as though the entire quadrant was devouring the space of a shattered people.

With the Klingon appetite for conquest on the rise, their actions have attracted the attention of several pirate syndicates throughout the quadrant, including the Orions. As they began grabbing up leftover Romulan technology, ships, and weaponry in hidden caches left inside Romulan Space; it was not long before the black market was flooded with the lastest that Romulan technology had to offer — the known universe is becoming a violatile place once again.

The stadate is now 65025.72, eight months after the collapse of the Romulan Empire. Starfleet Command is on the verge of launching its newest Luna-Class Starship out of Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, the USS Firewall, NCC-75627-A. Her captain is Lance Grafton and their adventures into this new landspace are just beginning.

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