New Sim: Nocturne’s Reign

As the sun rises, a dark and secret world comes to and end, only to be resurrected a few hours later when the lights of Earth go down.

Unknown to all but a few unlucky humans, vampires and werewolves, long thought of as the stuff of myth and legend, rule the nights and some even walk among them in broad daylight.

In the city of Ft. Collins, Colorado the intricate web of lies, deceit, passion, power and bloodlust provide but a small taste of the dichotomy between staying alive and keeping the brotherhood of blood hidden from public knowledge.

Joining the fray at FSF, this formerly independent game is set in an original vampire/werewolf universe. Set in the modern era, Nocturne’s Reign is a message board based game hosted by FSF Eris, and proudly joins the FSF as a member of Gamma Fleet.

Anyone interested in joining should contact her at

The Shuni Awards Are Fast Approaching!

That’s right, the 2009 Shuni Awards are right around the corner. But we still need YOUR help!

Please review all of the categories on the message boards (here: ) and, if you haven’t already done so, post nominations! This is your last chance to post nominations before the actual awards ceremony!

Are you looking forward to the Shunis? They’re coming up this Saturday, July 18, 2009! The official awards ceremony begins at 9PM Eastern. However, everyone is welcome to come to the chat room early! There may even be some random trivia games.

The chat is taking place on our IRC network. If you have your own IRC client, you can connect to our network,, and join channel #fsf. Or, you can use the web chats located at or at

The Shuni Awards are an annual awards ceremony that showcases the best (and sometimes silliest) of the FSF. Everyone, especially you, are invited to this event. We hope to see you there!

Shore Leave Video Chat

Wanna check out what is happening right NOW at the Shore Leave FSF booth? Come hang out with Esrom and the kind folks at the Shore Leave convention in Baltimore this weekend by popping by our video chat channel. You don’t need a webcam, just come to the following website and press PLAY on the video, join the chat, and say hello! Help us greet fellow Shore Leavers!

Shore Leave Video Chat Channel