New Simulation: Discovery NX-4

The only way to prepare for peace is to prepare for war

Built in 2155 During the Romulan – Earth Cold War. The Discovery’s primary mission was exploration. But the only thing it does is defend Starfleet’s interests. The Discovery is the forth of her class, designed with some enhancements than the three ships before her including advanced hull polarization and torpedo systems. She was built at a time for war, when everyone wanted peace. Do you have what it takes to join the intrepid crew of the Discovery?

The Discovery simulation is a PBMB game hosted by FSF Johnson and FSF Jayde, for more information you can check out their website or email either host.

Star Tweet #2

Star Tweet #2 is here! It’s time to post your 140 character or less caption, or your Twitter-like conversation, that would go good with the photo. The funnier, the better!

What is the image this time? Where do you post the comments? Just go here!

We look forward to seeing the comments for this one! This Star Tweet will close June 16th, so start posting!