TNZ: Open Enrollement Ends Soon

TNZ, or The Neutral Zone, Debate and Discussion area has been conducting an open enrollment period over the last several weeks.

Normally this lively and active forum covers a wide range of issues with a broad scope of posters from across FSF, but is usually closed to the public. For the remainder of the month of April, TNZ will remain open to anyone to stop by and check us out.

We encourage you to stop by and enjoy the conversation.

Open enrollment ends April 30, 2009. Interested members can join after that date, but must join request to join the usergroup.

4th Annual Fleet Awards Ceremony

The Federation Sim Fleet is proud to announce the 4th Annual Fleet Awards Ceremony, this year’s Award Ceremony will take place on May 2nd, 2009 at 8:00PM EDT.

This is an open invitation to all, come and celebrate in an evening dedicated to Role-Playing at its best, all of the FSF”s fleets will take participation in this year”s ceremony and a large variety of awards will be given throughout the evening to many people in different categories.

The event will take place on FSF’s IRC Server ( in the channel #FSF, you can enter the IRC Server using an IRC Client or using the FSF Java Applet, if you are not sure on how to enter the server or encounter any problems feel free to contact FSF Tommy or FSF Josh through AIM or Email ( at any time.

Participation is highly recommended, feel free to come and bring your friends to an evening full of fun and excitement.

You can RSVP here: FSF on Facebook

FSF Launches User-Fee Program

Effective April 1, 2009, FSF Administration will be instituting a two-dollar per month user-fee for all members. According to FSF Administrator Jonathan Shuni, the user-fee will pay for sever upgrades and allow FSF to pay for staff trips to Shoreleave East in Baltimore, MD.

“We feel confident that this will make us solvent for the near future and balance our books,” Shuni said. “In the past we’ve always been able to avoid user-fees, but in this current economy it just wasn’t possible.”

Estimated to raise almost $25,000, user fees will give stability and a much needed revenue stream for the My Points! program, staff lunches, server upgrades, Fleet Command bonuses and one-time payments to members that have recently lost their jobs. However, FSF Administration says that the user-fee program isn’t a membership fee.

“Membership fees really isn’t the word we like to use,” communications director Cosmo Nefarious said. “Really, it’s to their benefit and ours too. We’re not charging them to be members, we’re charging them for using our forums.”

Nefarious was also quick to point out that “we’re really doing things that help members too. Like the ‘Care for FSF Recovery Plan’ that will make a fifty dollar onetime payment to any FSF member who loses their job after March 31…”

The user-fee initiative began during a recent staff meeting and met little opposition. As FSF host Joe Ferguson noted “well I was looking for something to do with that extra 33 dollars from the Federal government and this helps me as well as our members.”

FSF second in command, Jay Truce, added “It will be so much easier doing my job now that we’ll have lots of money.”

In addition, members who wish to have exceptions to rules may pay the following fees:

* more than 4 characters is $5 one time fee
* hosting before 6 months membership experience is $20
* reactivation of deleted characters $1/character
* My Points redemption $1.50 service charge
* AMS or forums username changes are $2
* use of an email address will be $5 per year (non-hosts)
* use of an FSF blog will be $10 per year

Members who are concerned about the user-fee should take a look at their calendar.