2009 Shore Leave T-Shirt Contest!

Once again, Shore Leave is coming up fast. And once again, there’s an opportunity for YOU to help contribute towards the fun and excitement of Shore Leave right now! That’s right, we’re looking for a design for this year’s T-Shirts.

Everyone has until May 30th to submit their design. The winning design will be printed and used for members going to Shore Leave 31. All designs must be uploaded to the FSF File Library, under “Pictures and Photos”, by the final date of the contest.

Shirt requirements include having “FSF” and the website address, “www.sb254.com ” included on the front. As you make your designs, do note that the shirts will be a medium blue in color. Also, the backs will say “Federation Sim Fleet”, “16 Years”, “And Still Growing Strong!”.

Do you think your design will make the Shore Leave 31 T-Shirts the best clothing people will see there? Then get your submissions in now!

Torchwood: United Front

Doctor Who, the Sarah Jane Adventures, Torchwood. The British Sci Fi serials that have run longer than any other Sci Fi series on television to date—and now FSF is prepared to add another chapter to the story.

Torchwood: United Front is a proposed Message Board guild sim that is looking for members! Set in the aftermath of Doctor Who “The Stolen Earth” the United States has welcomed a Torchwood team to New York City in 2009.

But all is not right in the Big Apple. Drug-dealing blowfish, rapid aging murderers and a serial space-time bomber, with this Torchwood Five will have its hands full.

Many positions still open. Contact Zachary_Eastwood on the Message Board, or suprak on the AMS to ask any questions or to pledge membership!

Remember, you don’t have to be a Whovian to be Torchwood! We take all types…

Happy 16th Birthday

The happiest of happy birthdays to the FSF today, as FSF celebrates 16 years of quality simming. The FSF was founded on March 7th, 1993, and 16 years later, we’re a vibrant and large community of hundreds of members and dozens of successful sims. To another 16, FSF!

Stargate: Helix Admitted

The Administration and Fleet Command are pleased to announce the admission of a new sim, Stargate: Helix.

Set after Season Ten of SG-1 and inline with Season Five of Atlantis. An Earth expedition set out to explore the Triangulum and Ida Galaxies. We have reactivated a outpost, designed to be the last line of defense against the enemies on a world only known as ”Helix”. Come and help us explore, fight and save our galaxy along with many others.

Helix has over 52 active members who participate on missions involving 5 Off-world Teams, 1 F-302/B Fighter Squadron, 1 BC-304 Battlecruiser/Carrier and numerous base/off-world personnel.

Hosted by FSF Johnson and FSF Jayde, Helix is a message board based game. Those wishing to join can create a character in the AMS and should contact the hosts for more information.

Website: http://sims.stargategames.com/helix