New Sim | Star Trek: Birth of the Federation

Gone are the days of the NX Testing and the Earth / Romulan War, now embark on adventure in this unexplored frontier.

The United Federation of Planets is less than a year old and four sovereign nations have merged and the respective military forces of United Earth, Vulcan, Andorian, and Tellarian have merged to complement the ranks of the infant Starfleet.

Captain David Bredesen, Earth / Romulan War hero and former commander of the legendary Earth Starship Columbia takes the lead to drive the new Starfleet and his crew out into the unknown. Are you ready to climb aboard and make this history your own? Do you have what it takes?

ST:Birth of the Federation is an e-mail based game of the Epsilon Fleet and will be hosted by FSF Titan and FSF Mackenzie. Those interested should go to their website for more information and contact the hosts.

Website: Birth of the Federation

USS Hornet Commissioned

The USS Hornet will launch from the SOL-1 Space Dock 1 January 2335 to be home ported at SB35 with the mission of exploring the outer reaches of the Alpha Quadrant.

Hornet will have an Ambassador-at-Large onboard to represent the Federation in contact with new worlds and to provide the legality in trade agreements and/or treaty negotiations.

Those interested should contact FSF Katana. The Hornet simulation will be a message board based game of the Epsilon Fleet.