Star Trek: Project Origin Launches

In 2369, the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC 1701-D, discovered a secret that had been buried for thousands of millennia. They found a message from a previously unknown humanoid race that claims to have been the progenitors of all sentient humanoid life in the galaxy. With no leads or direction on where to look for the remnants of this alien species, no expedition was mounted.

In 2375, the U.S.S. Freeman was exploring the fringes of known space on a long-term mission of exploration. During their investigation they discovered a planet littered with alien ruins undetectable from orbit. There was also what seemed like an artificially constructed moon. Investigation of the moon and planet ended in disaster when a member of the away team, Lieutenant Commander Jorel Calhoun, telepathically interfaced with an alien device within the ruins of the planet. This set off a series of events that somehow caused the planet and moon to literally shake themselves apart; some sort of planetary self-destruct. The only survivor of the mission was Lieutenant Commander Calhoun. With the destruction of the planet and moon there was no way to further investigate what happened. Until now…

The year is now 2378, another planet with similar characteristics to the one the Freeman had investigated has been discovered in Romulans Space. Starfleet has reason to believe that what happened to the Freeman, the alien species the Enterprise discovered, and Calhoun”s experience with the alien device are directly connected. With that, Captain Jorel Calhoun and the crew of the newly commissioned U.S.S. Odyssey, NCC 71832-A, have been dispatched to investigate.

Star Trek: Project Origin is a message board sim hosted by AdmCalhoun. Limited positions still available.

Adelphi Launches Revamped Website

Starbase Adelphi has launched a new Web site,

The frontier of the Beta Quadrant is an interesting place. It”s largely unexplored, and somewhat of a ”blind spot” for the Federation. To confront this, an old warhorse of a station, Starbase Adelphi, has been towed from its previous position to the outskirts of the Beta Quadrant to act as base of operations for the area, and a sign of the Federation”s presence. The crew of the station are given one simple task with their new assignment. Get the station running again, and explore the area. This mission seems simple right? But who knows what can happen on the ”frontier”?

Adelphi is an e-mail simulation hosted by FSF Myles and FSF Trinity, and a proud member of FSF”s Omega Fleet.