USS Aquarius Re-Launches as Chat Sim

Starting Wednesday (June 25) at 11p EST, the USS Aquarius will be relaunching as a chat-based simulation in the AIM/AOL chatroom “Aquarius”.

Aquarius has been part of the pbMB “Infinite Diversity” simulation until recently, and will be continuing with the same plot and crew as it has on the forums.

The game is set in 2359, four years before the launch of the Enterprise-D, five years before renewed contact with the Romulan Star Empire, and six years prior to first contact with the Borg Collective.

Aquarius” mission has been one of negotiation and diplomacy, scientific research and study, and peaceful colonial construction. However, ongoing discoveries and trading of knowledge with both the Gorn Hegemony and the Tholian Assembly have hinted that there is more work than ambassadors alone can handle; powerful technologies of unknown origins have been being pieced together, and rumors spread through the powers in the sector that their creators may be coming to the spotlight again.

All are encouraged to join us on Wednesday night for the beginning of this newly-formatted game. MyPoints will be handed out to attendees as well.

Boot Camp Moves to New Date

FSF”s Boot Camp simulation is returning with a new date and time. Boot Camp will be running each week on Sunday”s at 10:00 PM EST.

Hosted by FSF Griffen, Boot Camp is an open sim for players wishing to hone their skills without worrying about the hassle of making a new character.

Boot Camp is open to all FSF players, and will include not only Trek games, but will also feature X-Men, Vampire, Stargate and many more. And for our Message Board and E-mail simmers, Boot Camp will give you an opportunity to see what chat games are like. Each week will feature a different genre, and that information can be found on the recruitment board on the Boot Camp thread.

Interested players simply show up and the fun commences!

Questions can be directed to FSF Griffen.

FSF Hosts Honored

Four members of the FSF hosting staff have been honored by the Simming League, the self-described “United Nations” of the simming world. Administrators Jonathan Shuni and Jay Truce and Fleet Command members Tommy Leyton and Josh Hrach have been chosen as honorees by the League.

Shuni and Truce, who have long dedicated themselves to the FSF and the simming world in general, are being bestowed with the highest honor the League awards, the Seth Cotis Medal of Honor. Named for and given in memory of the founder of Starfleet Legacy Alliance (SLA), the award is reserved for those whose dedication, commitment and service to the simming community stands as a model for the rest of the community.

Additionally Tommy Leyton, who serves as a member of Fleet Command and Awards Director, and Josh Hrach, who also serves on Fleet Command as well as Community Director, will be honored with a distinguished service medal for their dedication to the Simming League.

FSF congratulates all four of these hosts on their awards.