Anniversary Celebration Announced

This Friday, March 21st, come celebrate the existence of our very group! Yes, the Federation Sim Fleet turns fifteen!

The event will begin at 8PM Eastern time in our #fsf IRC channel. You can get there either through your standard IRC client or via the link on the FSF site.

What will we enjoy?

At 8, we”ll start off with a general trivia event. Come and test your science-fiction trivia against other sci-fi fans! This will be followed an open Q&A session, featuring staff members of the FSF. This will also include discussions and recollections of simming history over the past fifteen years.

The rest of the night will be an open invitation party for everyone to enjoy! Chat, play some more trivia, hook up and play a few online games… It”s all happening this Friday!

Happy Anniversary, Federation Sim Fleet!

New Sim: Starbase 35

The year is 2365, and the U.S.S Jefferson has just arrived at Starbase 35, a relic of the Federation-Klingon Cold War, on the border of the Romulan Neutral Zone.

Several months ago the U.S.S Enterprise-D re-established contact with the Romulans, who have considerably upgraded their technologies. As a result, the Federation has dispatched the Jefferson to upgrade Starbase 35 and bring it back online.

Largely unexplored for the past thirty years, the Jefferson has the dual role of reestablishing the base and the Federation”s foothold in the territory.

Hosted by FSF BK and FSF Mariko, Starbase 35 will meet every week, starting March 29, at 10 PM EST on Saturday evenings. Those interested in joining the sim should fill out an application on the AMS.

FSF”s 15th Anniversary

This month, the FSF celebrates 15 years of success and community. On March 7th, 1993, the FSF was formed from a loose coalition of role players and Star Trek writing enthusiasts on the BBS system FIDOnet. After countless members (over 10,000) have come and gone, the FSF remains one of the largest and most prominent role-playing sim groups left on the Internet. Happy birthday, FSF.