Objects in Space launches new Web site

Firefly: Objects In Space is proud to announce the launch of a brand new, re-designed Web site, as well as a new space station in the Firefly ”verse!

The new Web (site) was a collaborative effort between the hosts, FSF Griffen & FSF Hawg. Griffen created a new look that re-energizes the website, while Hawg took that look and fleshed out the site, keeping the look consistent throughout all the pages. The new site gives the sim – one of the only Firefly sims in existence – a professional look as well as a portal for Firefly/Serenity information.

Also launching is space station Tiryns, an Alliance run space station on the rim. But unlike the ships Serendipity & Bonifate, this time it is under Alliance control. Want to play an Alliance officer? How about a resistance fighter organizing under their noses? Or maybe a merchant trying to get by and feed his/her family? There is *NO* requirement to join the sim to post on the Tiryns station, and there are *NO* weekly or monthly posting requirements to play. Simply head to the message boards and jump on in!

USS Vastitude launches a new Web site

The USS Vastitude one of the longest running simulations in the FSF has launched a new Web site, located at http://sims.sb254.com/vastitude

The USS Vastitude is an e-mail simulation hosted by FSF Tommy and is takes place between the era of the Dominion War and Nemesis, dealing primarily with the conflicts in the Orion Border. The Vastitude serves as the Federation”s flagship in Orion space.

Caduceus joins Delta Fleet

The former Guild SIM is the newest addition the the Delta Fleet. The USS Caduceus:MASH is a MB sim Hosted by FSF Sorveck and FSF Esrom.

The USS Caduceus NCC 4077 travels the quadrant giving aid where needed. Whether it a planet griped by a terrible plague or support of the Federation during a Battle, The Crew of the Caduceus is there just as HOSPITAL Ships have done for centuries. Join the Crew in their ongoing Mission to Provide Emergency Care and Humanitarian Aid.


Erit… Dire Disorder!
A deadly plague has spanned the recesses of space and threatens the Planet of Erit. The Doctors and Crew are working hard to find the cure as the crew seems to be falling victim to the virus. Dr. Starkiller and CSEC Mia Cummings have been assigned to perform an autopsy on the Runabout Ramapo, Meanwhile, Captain Sorveck, the CO, has issued a quarantine on the Caduceus as several of the crew fall ill. Only time will tell if they will find the cure in time to save not only those on the planet but themselves as well.

Myles Introduced as Omega XO

The FSF is pleased to announce the introduction of the newest member of the Fleet Command team.

Filling the position of Omega XO will be FSF Myles. He has served the FSF in a number of positions both inside and outside Omega Fleet before being tapped to be Executive Officer.

We wish him the best of luck in his new duties.

New Commander”s Table Released

The newest issue of the Commander”s Table has been released, featuring FSF Wasaga. You can read it here.

The Commander”s Table is a place for all FSF Hosts to tell their stories. The Commander”s Table spans all time and space and you never know where you may find it or who may be there.

The bartender, Cap,makes sure that only Commanders enter and, somehow, always knows exactly what you want to drink before you even realize it yourself. The bar appears differently to people, drawing from whom and what they are to make a place that is most comfortable to them.

To Klingons it would be just like a place found deep in the cities of the homeworld with weapons abounding on the walls. To the Irishman, it would be an old fashioned Irish pub. Each person sees and experiences exactly what they need to allow them to tell their tales.

There is no monetary exchange here. All drinks, no matter how many you have are all paid for in the form of a story. It doesn”t, necessarily, have to be a story of Command, just a story that means something and, hopefully, all can learn from it.

Check out this new tale at http://ct.sb254.com

New JAG Officer Introduced

The FSF is pleased to announce the introduction of the newest Judge Advocate General.

Filling the position will be FSF”s own, Eris of Alpha Fleet. Eris has served the FSF previously as a member and as a host (Infinite Diversity) before being tapped for this position.

We wish her the best of luck in her new duties.