2007 Fleet Awards Ceremony

The Federation Sim Fleet is glad to announce the 3rd Annual Fleet Awards Ceremony, this year”s Award Ceremony will take place on January 24th, 2008 at 9:00PM EST.

This is an open invitation to all, come and celebrate in an evening dedicated to Role-Playing at its best, all of the FSF”s fleets will take participation in this year”s Ceremony and a large variety of awards will be given throughout the evening to many people in different categories.

The event will take place on FSF”s IRC Server (irc.sb254.com:6667) in the channel #FSF, you can enter the IRC Server using an IRC Client or using the FSF Java Applet located at http://www.sb254.com/chat.php, if you are not sure on how to enter the server or encounter any problems feel free to contact FSF Tommy or FSF Josh through AIM or Email (@sb254.com) at any time.

Participation is very recommended, feel free to come and bring your friends to an evening full of fun and excitement.

Update: FSF is pleased to announce that Fleet Awards were a major success. A log of the event is available here. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Host of the Year – 2007

It is our distinct pleasure to announce the belated Host of the Year award for 2007, normally given in the Summer, to FSF Hawg.

FSF Hawg has been a member of the FSF since June 2005, a member of SFOL since the early nineties, and a host off and on between then, finally earning his FSF name in Summer 2005. Since that time, he has proven himself a great asset to both the fleets of the group but also the administration in his countless contributions to the AMS, message boards as Boards Director and website improvement, technical advise and endless contributions to Fleet Command and the advancements of Gamma Fleet and Space Fleet in his positions of Fleet XO and finally Fleet CO. To recount each of his marks would take forever, but FSF for one cannot appreciate them enough.

Earning the Host of the Year is a true distinction, and Hawg joins the list of 13 others as FSF moves into it”s 15th year.