Communiqué Releases Third Edition

The third edition of the monthly publication features an interview with SOTM host FSF Falk, a new round of ”Ask the Hosts” and the ever popular ”Killer Quotes.”

The Communiqué can be found online or you can now download a barebones PDF copy of this Communiqué in the FSF Library.

Any ideas, suggestions or critiques you might have are more than welcome. Send such suggestions to FSF Trinity.

Magistrate Launches New Website

The USS Magistrate is happy to announce the launch of their new website.

Hosted by FSF Myles and FSF Blitz, the Magistrate is a message-board based game of the Alpha Fleet.

A pleased FSF Myles noted that a new website was needed to correct some technical glitches in the previous incarnation that are now fixed in this iteration. He also noted that the new website will be simpler and more streamlined.

Check it out! Magistrate Online!.

FSF Communications Launches Blog

FSF Communications Director, Cosmo Nefarious, is pleased to announce the launch of the new FSF Communications Blog, the Comm Unit.

The Comm Unit will a location for members to get monthly updates on FSF news items, as well as a running blog of activities of the Director. Questions or comments can be posted right to the blog!

Stargate: Libertas

The guild sim, Stargate: Libertas, has been promoted to full sim under the leadership of FSF Griffen. The game, wildly successful after only a couple weeks, has proven that it has what it takes to maintain the high quality and stability that FSF expects of its games. A website is in development and the game was assigned to Space Fleet under FSF Hawg.

A MALP has been sent to an unknown gate address that was found by some routine operations near an Ancient artifact. The MALP discovers some interesting markings that indicate Ancient activity in the area. SG ”Libertas” (a team designed to discover new ancient technology, acquire it and then return it back to Earth), is sent forth to reveal what secrets the new planet holds.

If you are interested in joining this game, we encourage you to create a character and join Stargate: Libertas today!

Epsilon Fleet Launches New Sim: Hornet

The year is 2155…

The Galaxy has been opened to the human race as it hasn”t before. New territory has been explored, new friendships have been made. On the brink of this new chapter, one ship will take it”s place in history, but it”s the border ships that will help write the story. The newly commissioned border ship Hornet, has just been launched from earth. It”s mission…to patrol these newly discovered territories and help the fledgling SFC start to keep order within it”s territory.

The enlisted crew of the Hornet, lead by the Young LT Frank Keyes, will help bring peace and order to this frontier…this is the story of the lesser vessels and their mission of keeping secure the borders of Starfleet.

Hornet is a Chat (AIM/AOL) Simulation simming every Monday at 8:00PM EST from May 14th, in the AIM/AOL room: “Hornet”.

The simulation is hosted by FSF Goran & FSF Saros and takes place in the Enterprise Era, you can read more information about the simulation at its website

The Hornet Simulation is a part of Epsilon Fleet, and will be the first ever Chat Sim created in Epsilon.

Everyone are invited to the launch sim, which will take place this Monday, at 8:00PM on “Hornet” AIM/AOL room, in addition the sim is looking for regular players in the following areas: ENG, MED, HELM, MACO.

New Guild Director: FSF Bawls

Congratulations go to FSF Bawls on being selected as FSF”s next Guild Director. The Guild Director is responsible for managing FSF”s dozen-plus guilds. Guilds are non-sponsored simulation related events. A guild can be anything from a special interest subgroup like “Online Games” to something more sim-like, like Stargate ”Libertas” or Star Trek: Blitzkrieg.

The Guild Director works hand in hand with guild leaders and the Boards Director to support and expand the guilds within the FSF. Congratulations, FSF Bawls!